Working with thousands of different people over the course of 20 years has taught me soooo many things but the one lesson I continue to learn is that not everyone will not like me and I will not make everyone happy, but i will do my best to continue to be the change i want to see in the world! soooo here you will find the good the bad  and the ugly! lol

36 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Susan is the best personal trainer/ small.l group instructor in Hoboken! If you are looking for someone who is extremely knowledgeable and caring in her practice, Susan is it! She takes time to make sure her clients are careful and comfortable but at the same time pushing you out of your comfort zone. She is so motivating and time flies by when you are working out with her! Susan is simply the best

  2. Susan Tee is an incredible trainer. I have been going to Susan’s classes for 8+ years. She keeps her workouts fun and never boring. She structures the classes for every level, from beginner to advanced. She knows where you are and encourages you to push yourself to the next level. She mixes up the classes every month and they get more advanced each week so you can build on what you have already accomplished. She is very motivating! Some trainers yell at you or make you feel stupid. Even when it is early morning and can’t tell my left from my right, or I feel like a total spaz, Susan helps you laugh at yourself! There is no judgement in the class. We are come for our own reasons and the small groups are supportive and friendly. The space is small, but it works. It’s you and your mat! I highly recommend her classes and personal training.

  3. I’ve been working out with Susan for a little over a year now and she has helped change my attitude towards strength training and life in general for the better. I use to focus solely on cardio as I am a runner and triathlete. A friend recommended Susan to me as I final realized that in order to improve my run/bike/swim times I would need to be stronger. Her classes are amazing, she gives it her all which makes you want to give it your all. And her personal training sessions are even better. She’s helped me work through a lot. And my last triathlon I improved my time beyond my goals. Words can’t express how happy I am to that friend who introduced her to me. I feel and look better not just physically but also mentally. My day is always a lot better after a session with Susan!

    1. Hey Meg!!! So grateful to that friend as well!!! And I’m sooo proud of all your hard work and dedication as you!!! Together we will be smashing last years triathelete time as well!! Keep on keeping on💪🏻

  4. Ok so I opened a can of worms last time and said I hadn’t tried her yoga classes yet. Well my arm was twisted and Susan Tee made me take one today. So being a guy in a room with some yoga chicks sounds cool but it’s a little intimidating. I pumped more sweat than when I train with the focus mitts. The workout was tough. So you dudes out there who think it’s easy. Ummmm nah. And this was a beginners class! I was sweating so bad I couldn’t do a thing called crow pose. My arms kept sliding off. But crap I went home dried off and has to take a shot at it. Did it cause she explained how in class and demonstrated. I’m honestly looking forward to another. So you meatheads out there who thinks its a joke and easy should try out one of Susan’s classes. As she says this ain’t your grandma’s yoga. And btw yoga chicks are cool as hell!!

  5. Well, I was lucky enough to get a free class at the newly opened Susan Tee Fitness studio. If you know Susan then you know her workouts are like no other. If you don’t know her, then get to know her. She is a fierce competitor and the person whom you would be lucky to have in your corner. She honestly gives a s##t about her clients, ALL of her clients. Actually she considers her clients journey that of her own and will not allow you to self implode or fail. Even in group training her eyes are all over the room, taking into account everyone’s well being and form. She adjusts your workout to individual needs taking into consideration any injuries you tell her about. I don’t know how she remembers every person’s ailment in a group setting, but she does. She pushes when required and encourages when needed . Make no mistake she will push you to the point where you want to curse her out or give her “the finger” behind her back. The point is that this is her PASSION, she loves what she does and if you get to know her you will see and feel that right away. She’s not fake, she’s the real deal and she will guide you along a path for your success, you just have to follow her lead. (FYI if you curse her and give her the finger; don’t get caught, because that will cost you some extra burpees or mountain climbers). Haven’t taken a Yoga class with her but I hear they are awesome too.

  6. Ive been training with Susan for over a year. She pushes me past my comfort zone to accomplish things i never would have done myself. Took her first class today in her new studio and can’t wait to take them more regularly!

  7. Have to be honest here. Working out is not my favorite thing to do but after taking a long break from doing it I realized I needed to start to help with my mental and physical strength. I have a gym in my building but no desire to use it. I decided to reach out to Susan since I used to love taking her kickboxing class and needed help. After meeting with Susan I realized she was my best motivator and helped me realize that I can do this! She is 100% real and her passion for life is amazing. Working out with Susan is never intimidating. I always feel so strong and happy after a workout!

  8. What Can I Say. Susan-Tee inspires, and pushes you.
    She is a great trainer and I am grateful for her classes and inspiration!
    If you are off your usual pace she recognizes quickly if you are “dogging it” or if something else is going on. I will never forget a first class back after an injury i did not announce I was going slower than usual and she didn’t push. After class I stopped by to chat and she immediately asked what i injured.
    Susan Tee is an amazing motivator and will push you to achieve your goal, success and more than you think you can do!

  9. Susan is a truly gifted communicator and motivator – this gift manifests in the world of physical fitness. As a trainer, she mixes good old-fashioned weight lifting with cardio, boxing, yoga, isometrics…the list goes on and on. She keeps on top of the latest trends without being trendy, and workouts are tailored to your goals and never boring. Like a great leader, she doesn’t ask you to do anything she hasn’t already tried on herself, and that makes you want to give your all. She has an innate sense of just how far to push you on any given day, and then takes you a little past that! She pays attention and truly cares about her clients — their mental, physical and spiritual well-being. It just so happens that she’s a complete and total badass, and a role model for anyone who walks into her gym. If she were a doctor or teacher or preacher she’d do the same – inspire by example. If she were a superhero she’d be…Susan Tee.

  10. Susan is more than a trainer, she is a fitness mentor! I was in the best shape of my life when I trained with Susan (inside and out!) She brings an energy and creativity to the workout that makes it fun, energizing and really pushes you to be your best. Her classes are amazing and one on one training is that much better and more intense. 3 years ago we moved away from NJ and I still continue to search for someone that will push me the way Susan did. The search continues, but when I go back to the area I always try to see her for fitness motivation and inspiration!

  11. I have had a few trainers in my life but no one is like Susan. Susan possess an energy that motivates. She walks the walk and talks the talk. I met her through kickboxing classes and sorted her out for personal training. It was one of the best decisions I have made in a while. She’s knowledgable, committed and fun. Every workout is challenging. She uses technical experience and personal experience to customize your workouts. I highly recommend her if you are having a hard time finding time or motivation.

  12. I have been taking Susan’s classes for over two years. She is always motivating, pushes you to be better and supports you in achieving your personal fitness goals. I owe a lot to her!!

  13. Susan has been absolutely effective in helping me achieve my fitness goals. She developed a training program with a combination of yoga and weight training taking into account my body type and weaknesses. Her regimens are creative and engaging as she mixes up the workout, always challenging me in different ways.

    Working through these sessions with Susan has improved my quality of life. I am much stronger, more energetic and my muscle definition has become substantially ‘cut’ and noticeable by people in my life. Her positive influence and determination has made me disciplined about eating healthier and investing time during my hectic week to work out. I am very grateful for finding such a highly qualified person to work with. I recommend Susan to anyone serious about improving his or her fitness.

  14. It’s hard for me to find the right words to say about Susan. In short, she changed my life on so many y levels. I started taking classes at CKO Grand in Hoboken about 2 years ago. In Susan’s classes, I would hear her single people out and I WANTED her to know my name and get on that personal level with me. One day, she approached me and asked if I was interested in training. I had had some extremely negative and degrading experiences with trainers in the past, and I had to take some time to sleep on it and see if I trusted this person enough to give her a shot. I was under the impression that I could make all the changes I wanted to make on my own; I soon found out that I had the capability, but Susan was the catalyst.

    We began training exactly 1 year ago. Susan listened to me with her heart and her mind. She respected me as an athlete and worked to shape me into a fit, fierce and fabulous individual. With Susan’s help and guidance, I’ve lost almost 40 pounds and went from 35% body fat to 25%. I’ve got bicep cuts and abs beginning to poke out. My quads are defined, my butt is lifted (an import area for us ladies) and so are my spirits. And as I lost weight, I gained confidence and a friend in Susan. She is my #1 cheerleader (right behind my mom and dad) and has shown me that I can be limitless.

  15. CKO class instructor: THE BEST most motivating instructor there is, she inspires you to be better, do better, and brings you to a place you didn’t think you could go!!

    As a personal trainer: even better! If you have injuries and are limited in what you may be able to do, she finds a way to push you in other (safe) directions so you don’t further injure yourself.

    I don’t think I have ever known a more real person who actually really cares about others the way she does. She cares about you more than she does herself, a Hoboken gem and a CKO goddess! I don’t know anyone who has taken a class of hers that didn’t come out feeling like it was the best class ever!

    1. Janice you are by far an amazingly strong women and it has been my pleasure to work with you both professionly and personally I look forward to your continued success both in the gym and outside! Xoxo

  16. Just hit my one year mark training with Susan. She is my constant cheerleader and pushes me outside my comfort zone. Look forward to it!!

  17. What can I tell you about SusanTee? She is a bad ass trainer She will make you kill it each time you take her class. She shakes and mixes things up and doesn’t make the workout routine. Her knowledge base on how to sculpt a body is phenomenal. Her personal training methods can not be beat. She started mixing yoga into what she does and I was like wtf, that doesn’t make sense. She knew exactly what she was doing. Now I’m starting to see others doing it and it’s like she was way ahead of the curve on that new movement. She cares about your progress and is there for your breakdowns. Never once has she not been available for me. I’m never looking for another trainer again. Where she goes I go. Don’t get me wrong she will piss you off too cause her workouts are tough. But results do not lie! SusanTee rocks!

  18. Susan is the best – definitely pushes you to do better, while also allowing you to do it at a pace that works for you. I love her kickboxing classes and have done personal training with her for years. She’s always looking for new and creative ways to mix it up. Would highly recommend training with Susan – she makes it fun!!

  19. Thanks to Susan, I smashed a half marathon and was in the best shape of my life for the day I married the Man of my dreams! Her early morning classes are my favorite, setting me up for a good day with lots of energy and positive vibes! Thanks Susan.

  20. I have been training and taking Susan’s classes for 8+ years! She takes her time and really listens to you and mAkes sure you are working to your full potential. No matter how many workouts I miss or how long I’ve been away we pick up where we left off and she doesn’t judge me. She gives 200% of herself in all of her classes and she absolutely loves what she does. Health and fitness are her passion and it shows in your results. There have been times I don’t want to take class but once I get there she gets me pumped up and the class kicks my butt!

  21. I have been training with Susan for a few years now, & can say without any reservations, that she is the best out there! Susan has the perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle!
    No matter how I may be feeling, Susan always gets me motivated & brings out the best in my abilities. I always leave my sessions with Susan far better off physically, & mentally, regardless of how I may have begun the day. I am stronger, healthier, & happier than I ever have been. Without a doubt, Susan is one of the best things that has ever happened to me!

  22. I am so grateful that Susan has become a part of my life. While my husband and I were members at CKO Grand, we did our best to never miss a Susan T class. As our wedding came closer, we decided that to look our best we needed to train with the best. We immediately spoke to Susan about training us before our big day. The transformations were incredible. Now she is helping me stay in shape as I get ready for our first child. There is so much more to Susan though. She genuinely cares about the mental and physical state of her clients. She is always just a phone call away, willing to make time in her schedule to see you, or send along some helpful advice. Every one of her sessions is unique, challenging, and made just for your needs. In addition, she offers excellent nutritious advice to help you along your journey. Susan started out as one of our trainers, but I can honestly say she has become our friend. If you want a motivating, hard working, genuine trainer, there is no one else but Susan!

  23. Best trainer in Hoboken!! If you’re utilizing her for personal training she listens to your goals and then customizes your training session to meet those goals. She advises about diet and is a great motivator!!

    If you’re taking her class she will kick your ass! Her classes are intense and well worth it! Can’t say enough!


  24. Susan is truly the best trainer…I was a member at CKO Grand Street and I always looked forward to taking Susan’s class..She really pushes you to get you out of your comfort zone! I can’t say enough good things about her! When you are working out with her she will be your cheerleader and help you reach your goal…If you want an awesome trainer Susan is it!!! I highly recommend Susan Tee Fitness!!!

  25. Susan is fantastic! I met her when I started taking her classes to get in shape for my wedding. With her training and guidance, I lost over 40 pounds and 15% body fat. I continue to work out with her now for personal training to keep up with my fitness goals. Susan also encouraged me to add yoga to my regimen, and I can’t thank her enough for that. She’s the total package – a motivating group instructor, dedicated personal trainer, and blossoming yoga instructor. Susan has had such a positive impact on my life and has instilled in me habits and goals that I will keep with me forever. Thank you Susan!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Jen I loved watching your transformation both physical and spiritual it simply amazing to see what the body can do once the mind has the right mind set i and sooo glad to be apart of your continued journey

  26. Hey Susan Tee it’s RIP i will be getting together with you and introducing my people to you that I’ve told about your classes just getting all your information together to make sure i have it right , Your number is 551-697-1711 & I guess your e-mail is susanteefitness@gmail.com i got this from your Facebook page and I’m going to send you a comment to see if it goes through ok. From your bloodbrother & family friend Raymond C.Riepel (RIP)

  27. I have know Sue for the past 7 – 8 years. From day one she was always there to help guide and answer any questions. She is now my personal trainer for the past 8 months. She takes the time to talk to me listen to what it is I’m looking for and then build my training to meet my goals. She watches what I eat and wastes no time telling me when I’m eating wrong. She sticks with you and see’s it thru. In a word she’s the best!!

  28. Susan is amazing! She is an awesome trainer and an awesome instructor. I have been training with her for several months and look and feel better than ever. She is a very supportive and dedicated trainer and instructor. Her classes are great as well, she makes it fun and and I look forward to taking her classes. She helps me stay motivated and encourages me to keep reaching for my goals. Thank you so much Susan! I wouldn’t be this close to my goal without your support!

    1. Thank you Kat but you are the amazing one…every morning when you wake up at 5am travel to hoboken for a kickboxing class it shows your dedication…and your hard work is paying off….continue on this path and sooner rather than later your goals will be met.

  29. I have trained with Susan and she is awesome. She takes her craft very seriously and yet makes it fun …. I think everyone can learn a thing or two from such an accomplished trainer…
    thank you for all you support and look forward to my future training with you!!!

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