Fear outside has created Fear inside

Flowing smarter not Harder

There are moments we live in fear….than there are moments fear lives within us….
•••Susan Tee•••

I get the shit happens but 2020

We have all gone through something over the last 7 months, some Of us maybe longer..or less…but I’ll tell ya, this Covid has sent the fitness industry into a tailspin and we got smacked around royally!!

Gyms closed, trainers, yoga teachers, gym owners lost there livelihoods! This isn’t just about money, but about our mindsets, fitness keeps me mentally and physically sharp…I don’t just want it in my life I need it…it’s a requirement!!!
With that I give you this…
Everything went wacky and everyone instantly became instavisual
Everyone became an at home trainer/ yoga teacher, making bank as well….they became an on your screen & in your home kinda person, we have worked out via video streaming, we have found a way to make it work right, But I’ll be honest with you, as a trainer for over 30 years, a yoga teacher and student for over 15 and now a gym owner for the last 4 years, this instavisual shit is great, working out at home is convenient, but nothing taste better than that in your face in your space, sweating dripping, heart pounding kinda feel you get when you step into the house of the sweat box you love and I know you miss so much…

The fear outside of us tells it’s not safe to go back in.. and that mindset has created the internal fear to stay put now we fear and can’t train inside,

we are left with so much to process..
We need to train ourself to be Fearlessly Smarter heres how..
We allow ourselves to head inside and follow the rules…

6feet distance between mats
Masks on
Train smarter not Harder..
Less is more..
Lend me your ear and Let me guide you a bit
Meet me tomorrow 12pm for an in house, in the heat, not so in your face practice @pfyhoboken for a smarter not harder flow, masks on, 6feet apart as we become a moving meditation…

Video location PowerFlow Hoboken, heat and mask on …it felt so good to be back inside🕉🙏🏻♥️

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The Wisdom to know when’s it’s time to go, or buckle up and hold on and get ready for the ride!

My teacher @rashila_yogini has been posting all the truths lately! And truth sucks!!!
I feel like we are always on the same path me & her cause these are The things I speak about privately…

we all so often have such a hard time understanding or dealing with change..so we just slip our thoughts under the rug and just push through it, thinking it will get better..it won’t & heres why..

We are living in a such time where we are forced to see the truths, the truth about our jobs, our friends, our family…our significant others

Today she talked bout change in relationships…
I just posted about this last week!!!

When we were young we thought we had all the answers, (shit I still swear I do and I’m older!)

We think we know that guy/girl is the best thing since sliced bread! And they dam sure may be, but when we marry & have kids that person we think is gonna be our forever, (and I pray they are)changes…how do we handle that change…as we age up, we change, our thoughts, our bodies, our lives evolve, but if you don’t evolve together the relationship won’t survive….
Let me say that again, if you don’t evolve together the relationship won’t survive!

Now I’m not saying do everything together, or like all there likes, but stay open minded to the process of change…notice when the change happens& communicate to your partner, but make sure your partner comprehends your words…

Love is a funny thing, if life’s changes are not handled correctly, they will destroy you🌪😢
Kids, Money, Friends change the dynamic of what was..into what is…than what will be…be mindful
Time does not stand still for anyone..it just keeps ticking away, every moment is borrowed time..so don’t waste one moment living in misery, doubt, or fear… if you loved them 2-5-10-20 years ago there’s a strong chance you think you don’t love them anymore as you have changed and they haven’t, or vice versa…
But if you communicate, and notice the change… and evolve together there as strong Chances are you will love them more than you ever did before🥰

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Start Today

It’s Tuesday the last Tuesday in ! In August! And that means we are 8 weeks closer to fall and tank top season is almost over!! If you’re looking for a gym that’s fun, personal and gets results, during bulking season, than look no further, @susanteefitness I make it a point to focus on form, cater workouts toward your fitness needs and goals all while keeping you accountable and committed to you! 

All I ask for in return, is honesty as we work toward your goals and commitment not only to me but to you is most important! 

Susan Tee Fitness is a small group training facility that only allows 8-10 people in the class at a time so the focus is on everyone’s form and goals! 

In other words everyone gets there Ass kicked equally 😂😂😂 in a fun setting with the most amazing people ever! 

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207 Jefferson St 

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Social Media

Ohhh Monday!
The light in me Honors the light in you🙏🏻🕉

As u know I took a break as My light was dimming a bit, social media was draining my soul, I had all this extra time on my hands….and I found myself scrolling more, seeing, more, realizing more..

so I needed a time out
In such unpredictable times and with us now living in so much uncertainty and what ifs, what was and what will be, we often don’t know how to navigate these times, we become afraid, worried and anxious. These are all normal feelings know you’re not alone!

I took some time away from social media and it did me a world of good, i instantly went for more walks, runs and bike rides, I did more yoga, mediated and found some peace, as I found my self scrolling endlessly through posts some upset me,some made me smile, some were bold faced lies of people living false truths just for the gram! I know them personally…Some were to raw and to over the top for me, even for me!!!
I don’t want to see every aspect of your life lives on social media, and you shouldnt see mine…
I mean every breath we take shouldn’t be played out for the world. Just my opinion

It began to give me anxiety and I was feeling like the toxic stuff I was seeing was consuming me and my life…and it really stressed me out,

We are not all in the same boat but we are all in the same storm,

Some got it a bit easier and some have it harder, how we navigate through it is important.

How we ride the wave is key, it’s hard to stay calm, in tough and rough waters…it’s hard to find compassion, when you want to be angry, it’s difficult to smile when you want to scream and be sad…guess what you can be all of these things, but when we post them to the world we are sharing our wave with others and sharing our storm with the world…good, bad, right, wrong, happy or sad… You are ultimately in charge of what we put out there…

Life isn’t sunshine and rainbows all the time, it’s also not rain and tsunamis either..but our energy that we put forth has a ripple effect on the lives we touch, whether virtually or in person,

So after my break I’m just stopping by to say hey, I see u seeing me seeing u🙏🏻

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The light in me honors the light in you!

What have you Sacrificed, for the sake of others?

“Confidence means being Bold and Unapologetically Authentic”

20/20 has been the year of sight…it has also been the year of frustration
The year of loss
The year of transformation
The year of uncertainty
The year of sadness
The year of letting go
The year of rediscovery
The year I realize and I decided single is ok
The year that we see what’s important and what’s not…

We keep talking bout death and how we only live once, wrong we live every day we only die once. How we choose to live and what we live for and stand for may need to be re-evaluated.
(Self check here)

Are you in a shitty relationship?

I have gone from bad relationship to bad relationships since my divorce, sometimes it takes just one to really open your eyes! We try so hard to make things work and it just simply isn’t enough, so we sacrifice more, we adjust more, but the other person stays the same… let that sink in, you change, you adjust, they stay the same….but you let it go cause you want to be in love and you don’t want to be alone….and You keep wondering what it is that keeps going wrong, than You realized it’s you I’m what’s wrong!! ( don’t panic keep reading lol) You kept sacrificing yourself, your morals, your time, adjusting your life to fit someone else’s mold ..You sacrifice your beliefs to fit into there family, there circle, there heart, and when things went wrong, whether there kids, family or friends hurt you You get upset cause your partner didn’t stick up for you, so you readjust each time to fit that mold…and You continued to allow these things to happen to you, sounds crazy right! One day You have enough and said but wait a minute step back and take a look …..when you become the seer, you realize it’s not there fault, it’s yours, you allowed this to happen to you, cause you choose to stay and make these sacrifices for someone you thought you loved and loved you…they only did what you allowed them to do to you, let that sink in for a min.. they say communication is key, but you can communicate all you want, if your partner isn’t comprehending what you’re expressing you’re wasting your breathe, and time, leave it’s not gonna get better it’s only gonna get worse! All the sacrifices, the changes the frustration, don’t matter if you are the only one doing it! This doesn’t make you a quitter, a failure, or doesn’t mean you won’t find love again, it means you have realized your sacrifice has gone unnoticed and it will never be enough, so walk away and love yourself for a little while and the next relationship you have notice the signs and don’t sacrifice all of you for someone who’s not willing to do that for you…you create a solid foundation from the ground up…communication with comprehension is key, trust with loyalty, honesty with integrity, and compassion with kindness, strength with love!

Are you settling for a shitty job or work environment (precovid)

Same as above what are you putting into what you do at work? What are you taking away from it, are you making sacrifices by over working and it’s going unnoticed? Are you underworking and expecting to make more money cause you think you’re entitled to it? What relationship have you fostered with your work ethic, good, bad, lazy, overachiever, is it’s a healthy one?

Are you living a life of false hopes and dreams?

For almost 20 years I worked at a gym helping someone build there dreams and empire! And every time I told someone my dream that I worked with they shut me down, told me I was silly and it would never happen! Said I had a great job that paid the bills and feeds my kids, I should be quiet and collect my pay check! While I loved my job, I knew I had more to give, one day they downsized and fired me cause I didn’t do what they wanted, cause morally I knew it was wrong! They didn’t care I had kids or was on my own, i spent almost 20 years sacrificing my time, my life, my energy into that company and just like that gone! No two weeks no severance pay, just gone!!! Not knowing what to do, I went back to my dream, I found a spot opened a gym, a small boutique, and it became my dream come true!!! My sacrifices are now paying of for me, now with covid my dream, my gym is closed, but I took the chance and I was open for 4 years!!!

So my question is Are you living out the life you thought you would? Do you have dreams and goals you feel like will never happen? Fear is liar!!!! Read that again FEAR IS A LIAR!!!! Fear will have you living in a bubble, convincing you now isn’t the time, wait for it, it will happen eventually, bullshit!!!

Are you living a life for someone or something else?
What do you do each day that excites you, makes you smile? what gives you that extra umph each day?

Don’t allow all that’s happening in 2020 to bring you down, I know it’s frustrating and scary, no one knows what’s coming next! but instead use it to lift you up! Make a change, step back and look in…so you can look out!

If it doesn’t bring you happiness, wealth, good health, joy or stability, walk away! Don’t wait for it to get better, don’t expect others or things to change..they wont if you stay doing the same thing over and over…

Don’t just live in someone’s dream or be in a relationship, or live life according to what works for them while they ignore all that matters to you…
Don’t help a company build there dreams while yours falls waste side…. Don’t settle for a relationship that is one sided and secretly you’re dying inside..and they don’t even notice, cause they are to busy filling there own cup…they don’t even notice yours is half empty.

This right here!!!👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

You don’t only live once, you live every day and die once!

I will live each day with Hope, Love, Kindness,Faith, and Belief, i will Believe in my self and make the remainder of 20/20 the best I possibly can cause I deserve greatness! You deserve GREATNESS!!! GREAT RELATIONSHIPS GREAT LOVE GREAT STABILITY AND A GREAT FOUNDATION!

Have a great day y’all!

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Strength & Balance

When the world moves to fast speed it up with a time lapse video…lol just kidding,
Seriously as the world continues to move and seems so chaotic take a moment to try to slow down…I know we are stuck inside physically, but mentally take a time out..observe the colors of a sunset…breathe in and breathe out…allow yourself to feel the earth beneath your feet…the cold concrete, the grainy sand, the wetness of the rain…the crunchy grass…allow yourself to disconnect from the mental chaos and feel…than find a place to sit outside( with a mask if it’s not your own yard or not safe) listen to the traffic, feel the breeze, smell the flowers that surround you…and just breathe…breathe in the air, smell the morning dew, allow the heat of the sun to glisten off of your face… The world is chaotic and people and things are changing, we are losing friends, families, and some people are breaking up, while others are becoming stronger… Take this time to find a space for u that’s not chaotic and breathe… This flow was magical, as my life is chaotic, I’m making choices and decisions I’m not 💯 sure about, I needed to create a flow coming off the flow from the day before, ( peak pose was Compass) this flow was based on creating a solid foundation of balance and strength… Lots of inversions and lots of standing balancing poses,
When life for me gets crazy I turn to my mat…I always feel better after♥️ Have an Epic Tuesday y’all!

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When the road u travel in a relationship comes to an end

Good Morning and happy Monday!

This pose, Compass, direction, travel, distance so many ways to describe it but it breaks down to the road you travel…internal and external

When things get hectic i practice hips openers knowing I will wind up in this pose, reminding myself about my own internal compass..

The beginning and ending of Relationships are like bookends…as you travel through life..they begin as destinations you want to go or be in and than end in places with lessons learned…new and beautiful beginnings and some long awaited miserable or happy endings, moving on and excited to begin the next one or maybe not.
The constant arrival and departures of hellos and goodbyes, the joys of laughter, the tears of sorrow…you enter with bliss and often end in disgust…you wonder what went wrong or how did this happen…it turns from familiar to often foreign..what was once love turns to hate…and ends rather badly…offend we see the the destination ahead of us and know the road we are traveling but still travel anyway, as we get distracted by the happier moments and hold on the that destination hoping to travel there again..but that road never arrives.. and we realize it’s time to move on travel another road…I wish there was some sort of time lapse to show people how they arrived and how they are departing…so they, we can spot the turn in the road…I always say on the departure I saw the road that we travel, and know where the break in the road came…do you ever see it and still continue, or walk away…or try to fix the crack?
Now it’s time to travel this road back to where we were, alone..back home to that place alittle different, alittle wiser, alittle stronger, alittle sad, alittle happy, looking for a new destination, a new direction, and new beginnings to a new ending..But pause for a minute and find the you you lose before you travel again…

Know that relationships aren’t meant to hurt you they are meant to guide you, to see the lesson, they serve a purpose, people come into you life for a season, a reason and a life time…serving a purpose and leaving, a season is short time, goodbye Felicia, a reason says a bit longer and helps you grow, thank you For being the lesson, be well and than that life time, the root, your tree, the winds blow and the ground shakes the leaves fly away but the ground never cracks, so allow yourself to travel find the arrivals and departures but don’t be sad when it’s time to go, be happy for the sights you saw and all you did, good and bad, be happy and thankful than turn to your inner Compass and know the next destination is waiting for your arrival! Have an epic day and know there are no bad relationships the are just bookends, arrivals and departures for the journey that happens In the middle and what you do with the middle is your choice! Have an epic day y’all

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Virtual Training, be smart about it


Exercise improves you mood!👊🏻💪🏻NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!
As we enter week 5.5 it seems we are in this for the long haul! And with So many physical options out there now virtually, everyone’s a personal trainer or a personal yoga teacher, each one under cutting or over charging the other…unlike other virtual class I’m limiting class sizes to 10 so I can still focus on quality not quantity, I stand by form! FORM IS KEY, while other virtual classes are packing them in for quantity not @susanteefitness we focus on Quality..Period
So How do you know who to trust or what to do🤔
A trainer should have Empathy, Knowledge, Compassion, Leadership & Experience I am a trainer with over 25 years of experience..and I still continue to learn daily! No Egos here, so now I’m asking you to ask yourself this question do you
Need an emotional lift from this dam quarantine…Or need to blow off some steam 💨 after a stressful day of being locked in? 🥺is at the at home office driving your nuts, are your kids not giving you a break…🤯are you over eating 😳or over drinking 🤪🤨
If you answered yes to any of these questions than A Workout session 🏋🏻is just the thing you need! Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier, more relaxed and less anxious. Yup it’s true, just a little or a lot of movement makes you feel great!
Not will you mentally feel better, but as a bonus we can work off all the extra eating and and get in better or great shape and with that comes a bit of confidence… Which leads to you feeling better about your appearance and yourself when you exercise regularly, which will boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem.


Meet me in your living room today,
I’m running all kinds of promos, even a 10 dollar drop in class or a promo 1 month unlimited if you’re not ready to commit to a package yet.. #workout #workoutroutine #workingfromhome #virtuallearning #yoga #healthylifestyle #quarantine #quarantinelife #training #hoboken #jerseycity #lift #bodyweightworkout #bodybuilding #mentalhealth #kettles #lift #yogapractice

Just find a place of peace

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” —Wayne W. Dyer

Today I did a 90 mins Bikram class…i took it back to my roots,
I remember when i did the training and I got certified for Hot 26 and Bikram was the focus, the sense of peace and strength I felt after and during was amazing….this morning i woke up and told myself I’m doing a 90 min flow cause I set the heater to 90 plus and began…I needed the sense of peace, ☮️ but I need to stay and feel strong 💪🏻
So I stepped on my mat and allowed my self to show up for me, and right in this moment I feel both strong and peaceful… bring in the day world, I’m ready! I got exactly what I needed🕉♥️☮️🙏🏻

Next class Wednesday 6pm

Photo credit @i_si_u

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Quarantine Diary day I don’t know…

I wake up most days not even realizing what day it is, but I’m thankful to be awake
I wake up most days longing for things of the past, but I’m grateful to be here
I wake up most days looking to give others what they need, forgetting about myself…I am thankful for it but yesterday I decided I needed two hours just for me so yesterday I took time for me, and I’m today so grateful I did as I feel ready for the world!
Remember don’t forget to fill your cup just as much as you’re filling the cup of others💪🏻🙏🏻🕉

Remember not all trainers aren’t the same, be mindful of all the sudden instatrainers and yoga teachers that are offering virtual practices and trainings, for low rates or high rates 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ ya there is no middle ground…
At the end of the day it all starts with you, be mindful of your form, take your time, and remember it should never be ouch!

3-5 rounds of this kicked my ass for sure

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