Strength & Balance

When the world moves to fast speed it up with a time lapse video…lol just kidding,
Seriously as the world continues to move and seems so chaotic take a moment to try to slow down…I know we are stuck inside physically, but mentally take a time out..observe the colors of a sunset…breathe in and breathe out…allow yourself to feel the earth beneath your feet…the cold concrete, the grainy sand, the wetness of the rain…the crunchy grass…allow yourself to disconnect from the mental chaos and feel…than find a place to sit outside( with a mask if it’s not your own yard or not safe) listen to the traffic, feel the breeze, smell the flowers that surround you…and just breathe…breathe in the air, smell the morning dew, allow the heat of the sun to glisten off of your face… The world is chaotic and people and things are changing, we are losing friends, families, and some people are breaking up, while others are becoming stronger… Take this time to find a space for u that’s not chaotic and breathe… This flow was magical, as my life is chaotic, I’m making choices and decisions I’m not 💯 sure about, I needed to create a flow coming off the flow from the day before, ( peak pose was Compass) this flow was based on creating a solid foundation of balance and strength… Lots of inversions and lots of standing balancing poses,
When life for me gets crazy I turn to my mat…I always feel better after♥️ Have an Epic Tuesday y’all!

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When the road u travel in a relationship comes to an end

Good Morning and happy Monday!

This pose, Compass, direction, travel, distance so many ways to describe it but it breaks down to the road you travel…internal and external

When things get hectic i practice hips openers knowing I will wind up in this pose, reminding myself about my own internal compass..

The beginning and ending of Relationships are like bookends…as you travel through life..they begin as destinations you want to go or be in and than end in places with lessons learned…new and beautiful beginnings and some long awaited miserable or happy endings, moving on and excited to begin the next one or maybe not.
The constant arrival and departures of hellos and goodbyes, the joys of laughter, the tears of sorrow…you enter with bliss and often end in disgust…you wonder what went wrong or how did this happen…it turns from familiar to often foreign..what was once love turns to hate…and ends rather badly…offend we see the the destination ahead of us and know the road we are traveling but still travel anyway, as we get distracted by the happier moments and hold on the that destination hoping to travel there again..but that road never arrives.. and we realize it’s time to move on travel another road…I wish there was some sort of time lapse to show people how they arrived and how they are departing…so they, we can spot the turn in the road…I always say on the departure I saw the road that we travel, and know where the break in the road came…do you ever see it and still continue, or walk away…or try to fix the crack?
Now it’s time to travel this road back to where we were, alone..back home to that place alittle different, alittle wiser, alittle stronger, alittle sad, alittle happy, looking for a new destination, a new direction, and new beginnings to a new ending..But pause for a minute and find the you you lose before you travel again…

Know that relationships aren’t meant to hurt you they are meant to guide you, to see the lesson, they serve a purpose, people come into you life for a season, a reason and a life time…serving a purpose and leaving, a season is short time, goodbye Felicia, a reason says a bit longer and helps you grow, thank you For being the lesson, be well and than that life time, the root, your tree, the winds blow and the ground shakes the leaves fly away but the ground never cracks, so allow yourself to travel find the arrivals and departures but don’t be sad when it’s time to go, be happy for the sights you saw and all you did, good and bad, be happy and thankful than turn to your inner Compass and know the next destination is waiting for your arrival! Have an epic day and know there are no bad relationships the are just bookends, arrivals and departures for the journey that happens In the middle and what you do with the middle is your choice! Have an epic day y’all

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Virtual Training, be smart about it

Exercise improves you mood!👊🏻💪🏻NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!
As we enter week 5.5 it seems we are in this for the long haul! And with So many physical options out there now virtually, everyone’s a personal trainer or a personal yoga teacher, each one under cutting or over charging the other…unlike other virtual class I’m limiting class sizes to 10 so I can still focus on quality not quantity, I stand by form! FORM IS KEY, while other virtual classes are packing them in for quantity not @susanteefitness we focus on Quality..Period
So How do you know who to trust or what to do🤔
A trainer should have Empathy, Knowledge, Compassion, Leadership & Experience I am a trainer with over 25 years of experience..and I still continue to learn daily! No Egos here, so now I’m asking you to ask yourself this question do you
Need an emotional lift from this dam quarantine…Or need to blow off some steam 💨 after a stressful day of being locked in? 🥺is at the at home office driving your nuts, are your kids not giving you a break…🤯are you over eating 😳or over drinking 🤪🤨
If you answered yes to any of these questions than A Workout session 🏋🏻is just the thing you need! Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier, more relaxed and less anxious. Yup it’s true, just a little or a lot of movement makes you feel great!
Not will you mentally feel better, but as a bonus we can work off all the extra eating and and get in better or great shape and with that comes a bit of confidence… Which leads to you feeling better about your appearance and yourself when you exercise regularly, which will boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem.

Meet me in your living room today,
I’m running all kinds of promos, even a 10 dollar drop in class or a promo 1 month unlimited if you’re not ready to commit to a package yet.. #workout #workoutroutine #workingfromhome #virtuallearning #yoga #healthylifestyle #quarantine #quarantinelife #training #hoboken #jerseycity #lift #bodyweightworkout #bodybuilding #mentalhealth #kettles #lift #yogapractice

Just find a place of peace

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” —Wayne W. Dyer

Today I did a 90 mins Bikram class…i took it back to my roots,
I remember when i did the training and I got certified for Hot 26 and Bikram was the focus, the sense of peace and strength I felt after and during was amazing….this morning i woke up and told myself I’m doing a 90 min flow cause I set the heater to 90 plus and began…I needed the sense of peace, ☮️ but I need to stay and feel strong 💪🏻
So I stepped on my mat and allowed my self to show up for me, and right in this moment I feel both strong and peaceful… bring in the day world, I’m ready! I got exactly what I needed🕉♥️☮️🙏🏻

Next class Wednesday 6pm

Photo credit @i_si_u

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Quarantine Diary day I don’t know…

I wake up most days not even realizing what day it is, but I’m thankful to be awake
I wake up most days longing for things of the past, but I’m grateful to be here
I wake up most days looking to give others what they need, forgetting about myself…I am thankful for it but yesterday I decided I needed two hours just for me so yesterday I took time for me, and I’m today so grateful I did as I feel ready for the world!
Remember don’t forget to fill your cup just as much as you’re filling the cup of others💪🏻🙏🏻🕉

Remember not all trainers aren’t the same, be mindful of all the sudden instatrainers and yoga teachers that are offering virtual practices and trainings, for low rates or high rates 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ ya there is no middle ground…
At the end of the day it all starts with you, be mindful of your form, take your time, and remember it should never be ouch!

3-5 rounds of this kicked my ass for sure

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Talk about change.. the struggle is Real!!!

Well I gotta tell ya we talk about change all the time, how we’re gonna change this or change that and never really ever get around to it nothing like a pandemic to force that hand and start to make those changes, changes that are uncomfortable and difficult..we get comfortable in putting things off for alittle bit causes there’s always tomorrow and then we have no choice but to do it!

We always try to do things the way we see fit, when “we are ready” this pandemic has been an eye opener and a hard adjustment for many especially for self employed and small business sector …amen if you’re in the fitness industry and own a studio And this is your only source of income..your financial life just went coput! Big time!

I own a small fitness shop in Hoboken and three weeks ago i was told to close, while initially I didn’t freak out cause I was ok this is for the greater cause and plus I was like I need a break anyway I work a lot, my second thought was how do I feed my family, in the mean time..what else can I do..Im not computer savvy, my talents involve workouts and yoga, and spreading love…hmmmm🤔 we have food for now and our rent is paid so we are good!

So instantly I decided to take to my Instagram page and just share what I know and love for free..for 10 days I taught free classes 3 times a day so I could keep giving back to the world, but also keep my mind distracted, as I didn’t want to think about what was I gonna do,

After 10 days i realized this isn’t gonna end soon, and free won’t feed me or my family I need to figure this out, I need to change! So I logged onto my computer and at first I just stared at it LIKE HOW THE FUCK DO I USE THIS THING! frustrated I cried, cried out of fear, anger, frustration and disgust at myself for not knowing how to use this machine, I’m almost 50 years old this should be easy enough I mean my 9year old turns it on an poof he’s off! I sat staring for hours and than finally I wiped my tears, put on my big girl panties and started to figure shit out moment by moment I learned something took patience and a lot of it! I was able to download the app Zoom and began to create fitness meetings, send out emails with invites for classes and times and people showed up to work out from the comfort of there own homes! I couldn’t believe it! I FUCKING DID IT!!! I couldn’t believe it!

When I got it all figured out i finally realized while the computer wasn’t the scary part and that was scary part was the unknown, the thought 💭 of change with not knowing the outcome! Scared the shit out of me, and the thought of not knowing if I’ll be ok in the end that was scarier for sure!

As we are all in the same if not similar situations with this pandemic… the unknown and it’s scary as fuck… but we can’t let fear take control, control of our minds and stop us from moving forward! one thing I can say is we are all in the same unknown situation and we are in charge of how we handle it!

I say FUCK FEAR!!! FEAR IS A LIAR! My next step is to try to create a website, I’ve put this change off for 5 years as so many people said they would help me create one cause I don’t know how…well now is the time to learn! I will try my best to embrace this change!!

Below is my new virtual schedule with a link to sign up, with tons of promos and class option for everyone I hope to see you all in the big screen soon!

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Good morning World

Good morning and happy Sunday..

Come to a comfortable seat…
Close your eyes and Bring your hands to your heart, chin to your chest and just breathe..

Notice the mind, the breathe, the body….
Surrender and disconnect…

Set an intention to just be now…disconnecting from what was..disconnecting from what will be..and just allow your self to just be here…

Lift your head but keep your eyes closed..

bring your thumbs to your third eye the space between your eyes-brows…and pause..clear your thoughts..may whatever you do today be seen with love and compassion and may those thoughts be shared with the world 🌎

Now Bring your thumbs to your lips…and gently clear your words..may you speak words of compassion and kindness and may you share those words with world 🌎

Thumbs to your heart and again just feel…notice the mind..notice the breathe..notice again what you are feeling…notice the body…don’t fidget…

You have just created a space for you..steady mind…steady breathe..steady words..and now a steady heart…

My wish for you today is to continue to find that peace not only today, but everyday and may you share the peace with the world..through your thoughts, words and action of love,compassion and kindness ❤️

May all beings far and near be find peace…be happy, joyful and free🕉

Lift your head and have an amazing Sunday y’all!

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Find the calm Amongst the chaos

Good Morning and thank you to the city of Hoboken and all involved in every move to keep us safe during this time, thank you for all that you do I appreciate you!!!!
I just wanted to post really quick message about the closing of my Business here in Hoboken, as a small Business owner it’s tough to predict what the out come will be so
Thank you to everyone who called and texted me offering to buy classes and Pt sessions to use in the future, it means more than you’ll ever know and I appreciate you!
First and foremost I want you to know I’m not upset or worried about money at the moment and it’s not that i don’t need it or that i don’t care but I can’t give energy to the negative stuff of how I’m gonna pay my bills or feed my family over the closing of my studio…it’s only money and more can be made…the lords will provide a way… they always do….and besides this is America and money can be made at any moment you just gotta wanna work for it, and I’m a worker! I have no problem with picking up shit, cleaning garbage, shoveling snow, or selling water on a corner for a dollar to support my family…I dropped my ego years ago! My health, my familys health and your health is way more important And as far as my family goes we have what we need to survive now and will share what we have with others if it need be bills, and rents..yes I said rents…will find a way to get paid as this all settles down…(the lord will guide my heart to rebuild)
What I have been saying is and won’t stop saying is be smart, I’m not afraid as I have faith…I won’t live in fear and i don’t want others live in fear, we need to find the stillness amongst the chaos….nothing good ever comes out of panicking…but just use all the cautions …Wash your hands, cover your mouth, Keep your hands out of your face..
And most importantly if you are afraid guys guess what that’s ok it’s ok to be afraid no one has the right to tell you not to be, and don’t let any tell you not to be afraid, but ask yourself what you’re afraid of, and honor that fear, but don’t allow that fear to create more fear and than panic and you wind up sick from that stress and anxiety…stress and mental illness are at the top of the list of silent sicknesses(my opinion).

Try to Take this time to reflect on life, needs vs wants reevaluate how much you work, or how much you neglect yourself or others in your life, because of a such a busy schedule..take this time to spend time with your loved one playing board games, a puzzle, baking, laughing, talking, falling in love again with yourself and others! reconnect with your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/kids/pets

There is a bigger message here… we live in a fast paced world, with every moment filled with the needs of filling others cups, and neglect our own… take the time to fill yourself up and that of your family….remember we can always make money…we can’t always refill the time that we lost…so today be present, embrace this quarantine as a good thing and not so much of a bad… our Mayor and Hpd HFD Hospitals Emts nurses Drs and all in the medical field have no choice but to show up, and I’m sure some of them may be wishing they had our choice to stay home, but they took an oath to serve and protect us, so let’s offer up some gratitude for all of them and respect what they are asking of us,
Limit socializing
Limit negative talk
Limit fears (but honor what your feeling)
Don’t cause chaos
And share your goods if you have extra
Check on the elderly
Again these are simply my thoughts, you don’t have to agree with, my opinions, and one person’s perspective

All see you all on the flip side when things settle and we are back at the gyms, yoga studios, bars and restaurants!
In the mean time I am offering free live workouts and yoga class on my Instagram live feed, yoga at 1pm

Namaste oh a great ones🕉🙏🏻♥️
Be safe
Be healthy
Be smart
Be peaceful

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Commitment and responsibilities

Every time we hear those word commitment that little feeling in your belly starts to act up, you get the stirs, the mind shifts and you 100% over think!

I know those feelings cause I get them too anytime I begin to think about all the things or people I am committed to or responsible for! And if you’re a people pleasure the feeling jumps to 1000000000 in a New York minute!

But let’s discuss the words commitment first the state of being dedicated to a cause, an activity, or anything the requires being held accountable for your actions.

Wow that sounds fucking intense, I have to be held accountable, I have to dedicate myself or time to something or someone, shit🤯😳😱

And now responsibility

the quality or state of being responsible: such asa: moral, legal, or mental accountability: RELIABILITY, TRUSTWORTHINESS

commitment is important and here’s why, a commitment is just an empty word until you fill it in, we tend to make to many commitments to a lot of things cause we want to please everyone, and that’s wrong! 🤔 our first commitment should be to ourselves and our own happiness, and that starts with accountability, holding yourself self accountable to the commitment that you make to you is your number one priority! Each day you wake look at your schedule and check all them commitments out, and see if they are all manageable, and if not break away from the people pleasing mentality and cancel the commitments you can’t make 3 days in advance… now your thinking wft😡 right, here me out..

Think for a minute about the other person or event that cleared there schedule, there day, or there plans to make a commitment to you for that time… is it fair to them when you suddenly the day of or moments before cancel or don’t show up, cause youre over worked, or tired, or hung out the night before and maybe drank more that you thought you would..🤯😶🤔

Commitment is a strong word, and holds a lot of value when you start to fill it in, and when you don’t hold yourself accountable to the commitment and just shrug it off, don’t be surprised by the aftermath..

Those same people, places and things start to step away from future commitments to you your value has been depleted to a certain degree…

Now let’s talk about responsibility, whoa another frightening word that to holds no value until we fill it in!

Responsibilities suck but are necessary for your growth toward independence, stability and happiness, yes happiness,

When we make a commitment to a person, place or thing, or ourself we become responsible not only for our own actions but we are held accountable and responsible to that other person as they even for a moment become dependent on you, and the commitment so when you can’t follow through on the commitment who’s responsible for the aftermath🤔

It’s very important before we make any commitments that we check our schedules and responsibilities before hand, and if there is anyway the commitment can’t be filled, know it’s your responsibility to cancel, call, and make all nessasary arrangements so no one is left feeling disappointed…

Happy March

Happy March!!!!!

And happy 3 weeks closer to spring!!!! And with the nicer weather comes tank tops and shorts YES TO ALL OF THIS!!!

Time is definitely not standing still and if your feeling like you haven’t gotten to where your supposed to be in the fitness part of your life, that’s ok cause I’m here to Hook you up!!!
Can’t get to me let me come to you!

Let me create an at home fitness Routine for you to apply to your daily routine not only for days you make it to the gym but especially for the days you can’t!

Programs will be tailored for you to go at your own pace, using you own body weight, so they will be simple, but intense, but a lot of fun!

And when you find the time head over to the fitness section of your local target, Walmart or modells and let’s pick up a few essential fitness tools like I’m using here to really bump shit up!!!

Susan Tee Fitness is a small boutique fitness studio located in Hoboken’s downtown section right next to the Fire House on 2nd and Jefferson St

We are a smaller studio, and classes only allow 8-10 people per class so your getting a personal training experience without the hefty personal training price tag!

10 classes 135.00
No contracts, no hidden costs, and no rollover enrollment…

We offer yoga, kickboxing, trx, bodybuilding, HITT training, core classes, Spartan & tough mudder training!

All I ask is that you show up and commit to the process for 10 weeks and all the results will follow!

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