About Susan

My name is Susan Turner-Brentano I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified  Kickboxer, Certified Spin Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Yin Yoga instructor, Certified in Hot 26+Yoga and am certified as a Reiki level 1 instructor….I have completed workshops in Spartan SGX ,kettle bells and TRX I also teach locally in Hoboken. I run a small group indoor exercise program as well. I specialize in one of the most important training principles known as muscle confusion. Not only do I train my clients under this training principle, this is the only way I train myself. I stand by this training method 100% – after one session you will see why. This training principle is all about variety. The reason I use this training principle is simple; muscle confusion prevents plateaus and keeps your muscle growing to form a well-balanced, attractive body. A variety of sets, reps, exercises, rest periods, angle changes, manual resistance training, unstable surfaces etc. will not only change and challenge your body but will also improve your motivation, keep you mentally fresh and keep your muscles growing. The bottom line to muscle confusion is that your muscles should never adapt to an exercise to the point where the exercise is ineffective and does not result in muscle growth (hypertrophy). If my method of training sounds like something you have been looking for, please contact me and let’s set a  session. This session is meant to feel each other out and see if we will work well together. Email mail me today and reach a fitness level you never thought you would reach… Hurry! The clock is ticking….Time Never Stands Still…

What I Believe… My philosophy is to have a good time! There are hundreds of training methods and theories floating around out there on what you need to do to get abs and what you need to eat to lose weight and the list is never ending… How long can all that Hocus-Pocus keep you motivated? What you need to find is an AMAZING workout routine – one that fits into your day-to-day living, one that you can relate to, that makes you smile and feel good about yourself, something that you have never done before, something that will allow you to exercise and have fun while doing it.. Let me HELP YOU by providing this type of workout routine to you! I don’t expect you to take my word for it without giving it a shot, and that is why I will give you ONE free session to show you I can back up what I am saying.  You can be in the best shape of your life or the worst shape of your life – I will adjust the intensity according to your fitness level. You WILL be satisfied -I PROMISE! My goal is to create a well-balanced, attractive body through intervals of high & low intensity muscle confusion workouts. I specialize in muscle confusion and believe this is the best, safest, most effective way to train. This training principle can be applied to cardio, resistance, plyometric, isometric, etc. Contact me for your free trial and you won’t be disappointed!



5 thoughts on “About Susan

  1. Dear Missus T aka Susan Bretano-Turner,

    Should you be interested please contact me. I have a number of nice pics that I took of you back in November at CKO Grand Ave. GBU and your entire family.


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