Fear outside has created Fear inside

Flowing smarter not Harder

There are moments we live in fear….than there are moments fear lives within us….
•••Susan Tee•••

I get the shit happens but 2020

We have all gone through something over the last 7 months, some Of us maybe longer..or less…but I’ll tell ya, this Covid has sent the fitness industry into a tailspin and we got smacked around royally!!

Gyms closed, trainers, yoga teachers, gym owners lost there livelihoods! This isn’t just about money, but about our mindsets, fitness keeps me mentally and physically sharp…I don’t just want it in my life I need it…it’s a requirement!!!
With that I give you this…
Everything went wacky and everyone instantly became instavisual
Everyone became an at home trainer/ yoga teacher, making bank as well….they became an on your screen & in your home kinda person, we have worked out via video streaming, we have found a way to make it work right, But I’ll be honest with you, as a trainer for over 30 years, a yoga teacher and student for over 15 and now a gym owner for the last 4 years, this instavisual shit is great, working out at home is convenient, but nothing taste better than that in your face in your space, sweating dripping, heart pounding kinda feel you get when you step into the house of the sweat box you love and I know you miss so much…

The fear outside of us tells it’s not safe to go back in.. and that mindset has created the internal fear to stay put now we fear and can’t train inside,

we are left with so much to process..
We need to train ourself to be Fearlessly Smarter heres how..
We allow ourselves to head inside and follow the rules…

6feet distance between mats
Masks on
Train smarter not Harder..
Less is more..
Lend me your ear and Let me guide you a bit
Meet me tomorrow 12pm for an in house, in the heat, not so in your face practice @pfyhoboken for a smarter not harder flow, masks on, 6feet apart as we become a moving meditation…

Video location PowerFlow Hoboken, heat and mask on …it felt so good to be back inside🕉🙏🏻♥️

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