The Wisdom to know when’s it’s time to go, or buckle up and hold on and get ready for the ride!

My teacher @rashila_yogini has been posting all the truths lately! And truth sucks!!!
I feel like we are always on the same path me & her cause these are The things I speak about privately…

we all so often have such a hard time understanding or dealing with change..so we just slip our thoughts under the rug and just push through it, thinking it will get better..it won’t & heres why..

We are living in a such time where we are forced to see the truths, the truth about our jobs, our friends, our family…our significant others

Today she talked bout change in relationships…
I just posted about this last week!!!

When we were young we thought we had all the answers, (shit I still swear I do and I’m older!)

We think we know that guy/girl is the best thing since sliced bread! And they dam sure may be, but when we marry & have kids that person we think is gonna be our forever, (and I pray they are)changes…how do we handle that change…as we age up, we change, our thoughts, our bodies, our lives evolve, but if you don’t evolve together the relationship won’t survive….
Let me say that again, if you don’t evolve together the relationship won’t survive!

Now I’m not saying do everything together, or like all there likes, but stay open minded to the process of change…notice when the change happens& communicate to your partner, but make sure your partner comprehends your words…

Love is a funny thing, if life’s changes are not handled correctly, they will destroy you🌪😢
Kids, Money, Friends change the dynamic of what was..into what is…than what will be…be mindful
Time does not stand still for anyone..it just keeps ticking away, every moment is borrowed time..so don’t waste one moment living in misery, doubt, or fear… if you loved them 2-5-10-20 years ago there’s a strong chance you think you don’t love them anymore as you have changed and they haven’t, or vice versa…
But if you communicate, and notice the change… and evolve together there as strong Chances are you will love them more than you ever did before🥰

yogi #mindset #evolve #love #relationships #forallmyrelationships #realtalk #yoga #liveit #perspective

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