Social Media

Ohhh Monday!
The light in me Honors the light in you🙏🏻🕉

As u know I took a break as My light was dimming a bit, social media was draining my soul, I had all this extra time on my hands….and I found myself scrolling more, seeing, more, realizing more..

so I needed a time out
In such unpredictable times and with us now living in so much uncertainty and what ifs, what was and what will be, we often don’t know how to navigate these times, we become afraid, worried and anxious. These are all normal feelings know you’re not alone!

I took some time away from social media and it did me a world of good, i instantly went for more walks, runs and bike rides, I did more yoga, mediated and found some peace, as I found my self scrolling endlessly through posts some upset me,some made me smile, some were bold faced lies of people living false truths just for the gram! I know them personally…Some were to raw and to over the top for me, even for me!!!
I don’t want to see every aspect of your life lives on social media, and you shouldnt see mine…
I mean every breath we take shouldn’t be played out for the world. Just my opinion

It began to give me anxiety and I was feeling like the toxic stuff I was seeing was consuming me and my life…and it really stressed me out,

We are not all in the same boat but we are all in the same storm,

Some got it a bit easier and some have it harder, how we navigate through it is important.

How we ride the wave is key, it’s hard to stay calm, in tough and rough waters…it’s hard to find compassion, when you want to be angry, it’s difficult to smile when you want to scream and be sad…guess what you can be all of these things, but when we post them to the world we are sharing our wave with others and sharing our storm with the world…good, bad, right, wrong, happy or sad… You are ultimately in charge of what we put out there…

Life isn’t sunshine and rainbows all the time, it’s also not rain and tsunamis either..but our energy that we put forth has a ripple effect on the lives we touch, whether virtually or in person,

So after my break I’m just stopping by to say hey, I see u seeing me seeing u🙏🏻

#thoughts #monday #motivation #mondaythoughts #yoga #mindset #perspective #quaratine

The light in me honors the light in you!

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