What have you Sacrificed, for the sake of others?

“Confidence means being Bold and Unapologetically Authentic”

20/20 has been the year of sight…it has also been the year of frustration
The year of loss
The year of transformation
The year of uncertainty
The year of sadness
The year of letting go
The year of rediscovery
The year I realize and I decided single is ok
The year that we see what’s important and what’s not…

We keep talking bout death and how we only live once, wrong we live every day we only die once. How we choose to live and what we live for and stand for may need to be re-evaluated.
(Self check here)

Are you in a shitty relationship?

I have gone from bad relationship to bad relationships since my divorce, sometimes it takes just one to really open your eyes! We try so hard to make things work and it just simply isn’t enough, so we sacrifice more, we adjust more, but the other person stays the same… let that sink in, you change, you adjust, they stay the same….but you let it go cause you want to be in love and you don’t want to be alone….and You keep wondering what it is that keeps going wrong, than You realized it’s you I’m what’s wrong!! ( don’t panic keep reading lol) You kept sacrificing yourself, your morals, your time, adjusting your life to fit someone else’s mold ..You sacrifice your beliefs to fit into there family, there circle, there heart, and when things went wrong, whether there kids, family or friends hurt you You get upset cause your partner didn’t stick up for you, so you readjust each time to fit that mold…and You continued to allow these things to happen to you, sounds crazy right! One day You have enough and said but wait a minute step back and take a look …..when you become the seer, you realize it’s not there fault, it’s yours, you allowed this to happen to you, cause you choose to stay and make these sacrifices for someone you thought you loved and loved you…they only did what you allowed them to do to you, let that sink in for a min.. they say communication is key, but you can communicate all you want, if your partner isn’t comprehending what you’re expressing you’re wasting your breathe, and time, leave it’s not gonna get better it’s only gonna get worse! All the sacrifices, the changes the frustration, don’t matter if you are the only one doing it! This doesn’t make you a quitter, a failure, or doesn’t mean you won’t find love again, it means you have realized your sacrifice has gone unnoticed and it will never be enough, so walk away and love yourself for a little while and the next relationship you have notice the signs and don’t sacrifice all of you for someone who’s not willing to do that for you…you create a solid foundation from the ground up…communication with comprehension is key, trust with loyalty, honesty with integrity, and compassion with kindness, strength with love!

Are you settling for a shitty job or work environment (precovid)

Same as above what are you putting into what you do at work? What are you taking away from it, are you making sacrifices by over working and it’s going unnoticed? Are you underworking and expecting to make more money cause you think you’re entitled to it? What relationship have you fostered with your work ethic, good, bad, lazy, overachiever, is it’s a healthy one?

Are you living a life of false hopes and dreams?

For almost 20 years I worked at a gym helping someone build there dreams and empire! And every time I told someone my dream that I worked with they shut me down, told me I was silly and it would never happen! Said I had a great job that paid the bills and feeds my kids, I should be quiet and collect my pay check! While I loved my job, I knew I had more to give, one day they downsized and fired me cause I didn’t do what they wanted, cause morally I knew it was wrong! They didn’t care I had kids or was on my own, i spent almost 20 years sacrificing my time, my life, my energy into that company and just like that gone! No two weeks no severance pay, just gone!!! Not knowing what to do, I went back to my dream, I found a spot opened a gym, a small boutique, and it became my dream come true!!! My sacrifices are now paying of for me, now with covid my dream, my gym is closed, but I took the chance and I was open for 4 years!!!

So my question is Are you living out the life you thought you would? Do you have dreams and goals you feel like will never happen? Fear is liar!!!! Read that again FEAR IS A LIAR!!!! Fear will have you living in a bubble, convincing you now isn’t the time, wait for it, it will happen eventually, bullshit!!!

Are you living a life for someone or something else?
What do you do each day that excites you, makes you smile? what gives you that extra umph each day?

Don’t allow all that’s happening in 2020 to bring you down, I know it’s frustrating and scary, no one knows what’s coming next! but instead use it to lift you up! Make a change, step back and look in…so you can look out!

If it doesn’t bring you happiness, wealth, good health, joy or stability, walk away! Don’t wait for it to get better, don’t expect others or things to change..they wont if you stay doing the same thing over and over…

Don’t just live in someone’s dream or be in a relationship, or live life according to what works for them while they ignore all that matters to you…
Don’t help a company build there dreams while yours falls waste side…. Don’t settle for a relationship that is one sided and secretly you’re dying inside..and they don’t even notice, cause they are to busy filling there own cup…they don’t even notice yours is half empty.

This right here!!!👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

You don’t only live once, you live every day and die once!

I will live each day with Hope, Love, Kindness,Faith, and Belief, i will Believe in my self and make the remainder of 20/20 the best I possibly can cause I deserve greatness! You deserve GREATNESS!!! GREAT RELATIONSHIPS GREAT LOVE GREAT STABILITY AND A GREAT FOUNDATION!

Have a great day y’all!

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#quarantine #refocus

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