Strength & Balance

When the world moves to fast speed it up with a time lapse video…lol just kidding,
Seriously as the world continues to move and seems so chaotic take a moment to try to slow down…I know we are stuck inside physically, but mentally take a time out..observe the colors of a sunset…breathe in and breathe out…allow yourself to feel the earth beneath your feet…the cold concrete, the grainy sand, the wetness of the rain…the crunchy grass…allow yourself to disconnect from the mental chaos and feel…than find a place to sit outside( with a mask if it’s not your own yard or not safe) listen to the traffic, feel the breeze, smell the flowers that surround you…and just breathe…breathe in the air, smell the morning dew, allow the heat of the sun to glisten off of your face… The world is chaotic and people and things are changing, we are losing friends, families, and some people are breaking up, while others are becoming stronger… Take this time to find a space for u that’s not chaotic and breathe… This flow was magical, as my life is chaotic, I’m making choices and decisions I’m not 💯 sure about, I needed to create a flow coming off the flow from the day before, ( peak pose was Compass) this flow was based on creating a solid foundation of balance and strength… Lots of inversions and lots of standing balancing poses,
When life for me gets crazy I turn to my mat…I always feel better after♥️ Have an Epic Tuesday y’all!

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