When the road u travel in a relationship comes to an end

Good Morning and happy Monday!

This pose, Compass, direction, travel, distance so many ways to describe it but it breaks down to the road you travel…internal and external

When things get hectic i practice hips openers knowing I will wind up in this pose, reminding myself about my own internal compass..

The beginning and ending of Relationships are like bookends…as you travel through life..they begin as destinations you want to go or be in and than end in places with lessons learned…new and beautiful beginnings and some long awaited miserable or happy endings, moving on and excited to begin the next one or maybe not.
The constant arrival and departures of hellos and goodbyes, the joys of laughter, the tears of sorrow…you enter with bliss and often end in disgust…you wonder what went wrong or how did this happen…it turns from familiar to often foreign..what was once love turns to hate…and ends rather badly…offend we see the the destination ahead of us and know the road we are traveling but still travel anyway, as we get distracted by the happier moments and hold on the that destination hoping to travel there again..but that road never arrives.. and we realize it’s time to move on travel another road…I wish there was some sort of time lapse to show people how they arrived and how they are departing…so they, we can spot the turn in the road…I always say on the departure I saw the road that we travel, and know where the break in the road came…do you ever see it and still continue, or walk away…or try to fix the crack?
Now it’s time to travel this road back to where we were, alone..back home to that place alittle different, alittle wiser, alittle stronger, alittle sad, alittle happy, looking for a new destination, a new direction, and new beginnings to a new ending..But pause for a minute and find the you you lose before you travel again…

Know that relationships aren’t meant to hurt you they are meant to guide you, to see the lesson, they serve a purpose, people come into you life for a season, a reason and a life time…serving a purpose and leaving, a season is short time, goodbye Felicia, a reason says a bit longer and helps you grow, thank you For being the lesson, be well and than that life time, the root, your tree, the winds blow and the ground shakes the leaves fly away but the ground never cracks, so allow yourself to travel find the arrivals and departures but don’t be sad when it’s time to go, be happy for the sights you saw and all you did, good and bad, be happy and thankful than turn to your inner Compass and know the next destination is waiting for your arrival! Have an epic day and know there are no bad relationships the are just bookends, arrivals and departures for the journey that happens In the middle and what you do with the middle is your choice! Have an epic day y’all

#forallmyrelationships #love #happiness #strongertogether #lessons #lifelessons #thankful #therapy #liveyourlife #love yourselffirst #yoga #yogi

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