Talk about change.. the struggle is Real!!!

Well I gotta tell ya we talk about change all the time, how we’re gonna change this or change that and never really ever get around to it nothing like a pandemic to force that hand and start to make those changes, changes that are uncomfortable and difficult..we get comfortable in putting things off for alittle bit causes there’s always tomorrow and then we have no choice but to do it!

We always try to do things the way we see fit, when “we are ready” this pandemic has been an eye opener and a hard adjustment for many especially for self employed and small business sector …amen if you’re in the fitness industry and own a studio And this is your only source of income..your financial life just went coput! Big time!

I own a small fitness shop in Hoboken and three weeks ago i was told to close, while initially I didn’t freak out cause I was ok this is for the greater cause and plus I was like I need a break anyway I work a lot, my second thought was how do I feed my family, in the mean time..what else can I do..Im not computer savvy, my talents involve workouts and yoga, and spreading love…hmmmm🤔 we have food for now and our rent is paid so we are good!

So instantly I decided to take to my Instagram page and just share what I know and love for free..for 10 days I taught free classes 3 times a day so I could keep giving back to the world, but also keep my mind distracted, as I didn’t want to think about what was I gonna do,

After 10 days i realized this isn’t gonna end soon, and free won’t feed me or my family I need to figure this out, I need to change! So I logged onto my computer and at first I just stared at it LIKE HOW THE FUCK DO I USE THIS THING! frustrated I cried, cried out of fear, anger, frustration and disgust at myself for not knowing how to use this machine, I’m almost 50 years old this should be easy enough I mean my 9year old turns it on an poof he’s off! I sat staring for hours and than finally I wiped my tears, put on my big girl panties and started to figure shit out moment by moment I learned something took patience and a lot of it! I was able to download the app Zoom and began to create fitness meetings, send out emails with invites for classes and times and people showed up to work out from the comfort of there own homes! I couldn’t believe it! I FUCKING DID IT!!! I couldn’t believe it!

When I got it all figured out i finally realized while the computer wasn’t the scary part and that was scary part was the unknown, the thought 💭 of change with not knowing the outcome! Scared the shit out of me, and the thought of not knowing if I’ll be ok in the end that was scarier for sure!

As we are all in the same if not similar situations with this pandemic… the unknown and it’s scary as fuck… but we can’t let fear take control, control of our minds and stop us from moving forward! one thing I can say is we are all in the same unknown situation and we are in charge of how we handle it!

I say FUCK FEAR!!! FEAR IS A LIAR! My next step is to try to create a website, I’ve put this change off for 5 years as so many people said they would help me create one cause I don’t know how…well now is the time to learn! I will try my best to embrace this change!!

Below is my new virtual schedule with a link to sign up, with tons of promos and class option for everyone I hope to see you all in the big screen soon!

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