Find the calm Amongst the chaos

Good Morning and thank you to the city of Hoboken and all involved in every move to keep us safe during this time, thank you for all that you do I appreciate you!!!!
I just wanted to post really quick message about the closing of my Business here in Hoboken, as a small Business owner it’s tough to predict what the out come will be so
Thank you to everyone who called and texted me offering to buy classes and Pt sessions to use in the future, it means more than you’ll ever know and I appreciate you!
First and foremost I want you to know I’m not upset or worried about money at the moment and it’s not that i don’t need it or that i don’t care but I can’t give energy to the negative stuff of how I’m gonna pay my bills or feed my family over the closing of my studio…it’s only money and more can be made…the lords will provide a way… they always do….and besides this is America and money can be made at any moment you just gotta wanna work for it, and I’m a worker! I have no problem with picking up shit, cleaning garbage, shoveling snow, or selling water on a corner for a dollar to support my family…I dropped my ego years ago! My health, my familys health and your health is way more important And as far as my family goes we have what we need to survive now and will share what we have with others if it need be bills, and rents..yes I said rents…will find a way to get paid as this all settles down…(the lord will guide my heart to rebuild)
What I have been saying is and won’t stop saying is be smart, I’m not afraid as I have faith…I won’t live in fear and i don’t want others live in fear, we need to find the stillness amongst the chaos….nothing good ever comes out of panicking…but just use all the cautions …Wash your hands, cover your mouth, Keep your hands out of your face..
And most importantly if you are afraid guys guess what that’s ok it’s ok to be afraid no one has the right to tell you not to be, and don’t let any tell you not to be afraid, but ask yourself what you’re afraid of, and honor that fear, but don’t allow that fear to create more fear and than panic and you wind up sick from that stress and anxiety…stress and mental illness are at the top of the list of silent sicknesses(my opinion).

Try to Take this time to reflect on life, needs vs wants reevaluate how much you work, or how much you neglect yourself or others in your life, because of a such a busy schedule..take this time to spend time with your loved one playing board games, a puzzle, baking, laughing, talking, falling in love again with yourself and others! reconnect with your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/kids/pets

There is a bigger message here… we live in a fast paced world, with every moment filled with the needs of filling others cups, and neglect our own… take the time to fill yourself up and that of your family….remember we can always make money…we can’t always refill the time that we lost…so today be present, embrace this quarantine as a good thing and not so much of a bad… our Mayor and Hpd HFD Hospitals Emts nurses Drs and all in the medical field have no choice but to show up, and I’m sure some of them may be wishing they had our choice to stay home, but they took an oath to serve and protect us, so let’s offer up some gratitude for all of them and respect what they are asking of us,
Limit socializing
Limit negative talk
Limit fears (but honor what your feeling)
Don’t cause chaos
And share your goods if you have extra
Check on the elderly
Again these are simply my thoughts, you don’t have to agree with, my opinions, and one person’s perspective

All see you all on the flip side when things settle and we are back at the gyms, yoga studios, bars and restaurants!
In the mean time I am offering free live workouts and yoga class on my Instagram live feed, yoga at 1pm

Namaste oh a great ones🕉🙏🏻♥️
Be safe
Be healthy
Be smart
Be peaceful

#hoboken #thankful #hobokengirl #reflect #itwillbeok #findyourreason #believe #balance #strong #smallbusiness #survivor #yogi #yoga

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