Commitment and responsibilities

Every time we hear those word commitment that little feeling in your belly starts to act up, you get the stirs, the mind shifts and you 100% over think!

I know those feelings cause I get them too anytime I begin to think about all the things or people I am committed to or responsible for! And if you’re a people pleasure the feeling jumps to 1000000000 in a New York minute!

But let’s discuss the words commitment first the state of being dedicated to a cause, an activity, or anything the requires being held accountable for your actions.

Wow that sounds fucking intense, I have to be held accountable, I have to dedicate myself or time to something or someone, shit🤯😳😱

And now responsibility

the quality or state of being responsible: such asa: moral, legal, or mental accountability: RELIABILITY, TRUSTWORTHINESS

commitment is important and here’s why, a commitment is just an empty word until you fill it in, we tend to make to many commitments to a lot of things cause we want to please everyone, and that’s wrong! 🤔 our first commitment should be to ourselves and our own happiness, and that starts with accountability, holding yourself self accountable to the commitment that you make to you is your number one priority! Each day you wake look at your schedule and check all them commitments out, and see if they are all manageable, and if not break away from the people pleasing mentality and cancel the commitments you can’t make 3 days in advance… now your thinking wft😡 right, here me out..

Think for a minute about the other person or event that cleared there schedule, there day, or there plans to make a commitment to you for that time… is it fair to them when you suddenly the day of or moments before cancel or don’t show up, cause youre over worked, or tired, or hung out the night before and maybe drank more that you thought you would..🤯😶🤔

Commitment is a strong word, and holds a lot of value when you start to fill it in, and when you don’t hold yourself accountable to the commitment and just shrug it off, don’t be surprised by the aftermath..

Those same people, places and things start to step away from future commitments to you your value has been depleted to a certain degree…

Now let’s talk about responsibility, whoa another frightening word that to holds no value until we fill it in!

Responsibilities suck but are necessary for your growth toward independence, stability and happiness, yes happiness,

When we make a commitment to a person, place or thing, or ourself we become responsible not only for our own actions but we are held accountable and responsible to that other person as they even for a moment become dependent on you, and the commitment so when you can’t follow through on the commitment who’s responsible for the aftermath🤔

It’s very important before we make any commitments that we check our schedules and responsibilities before hand, and if there is anyway the commitment can’t be filled, know it’s your responsibility to cancel, call, and make all nessasary arrangements so no one is left feeling disappointed…

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