Happy March

Happy March!!!!!


And happy 3 weeks closer to spring!!!! And with the nicer weather comes tank tops and shorts YES TO ALL OF THIS!!!

Time is definitely not standing still and if your feeling like you haven’t gotten to where your supposed to be in the fitness part of your life, that’s ok cause I’m here to Hook you up!!!
Can’t get to me let me come to you!

Let me create an at home fitness Routine for you to apply to your daily routine not only for days you make it to the gym but especially for the days you can’t!

Programs will be tailored for you to go at your own pace, using you own body weight, so they will be simple, but intense, but a lot of fun!

And when you find the time head over to the fitness section of your local target, Walmart or modells and let’s pick up a few essential fitness tools like I’m using here to really bump shit up!!!

Susan Tee Fitness is a small boutique fitness studio located in Hoboken’s downtown section right next to the Fire House on 2nd and Jefferson St

We are a smaller studio, and classes only allow 8-10 people per class so your getting a personal training experience without the hefty personal training price tag!

10 classes 135.00
No contracts, no hidden costs, and no rollover enrollment…

We offer yoga, kickboxing, trx, bodybuilding, HITT training, core classes, Spartan & tough mudder training!

All I ask is that you show up and commit to the process for 10 weeks and all the results will follow!

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