Follow these 4 rules for success…

Good Morning!!! And happy Monday! Monday is the most important day if you’re looking to lay the foundation for that workout work week!!!

We come off the weekend from hanging out with friends, maybe drinking maybe not, the food choices become a bit of a wider range, rest takes a back burner, and water is a yes and no option,

So today Monday is the day you lay the foundation for the rest of the week!

Wake up and Workout, or go to work and workout after, and don’t do it  to be a size 4 do it to be happy and healthy!!!!

Having a tough time trying to figure it all out stop by @susanteefitness and let us help you find your balance!

And if you’re…..

Looking to Relieve stress, Gain confidence, Get stronger, Lose Weight, Feel Good!

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, than you need yo be here!!! All classes @susanteefitness are 10 for 135.00 Susan Tee Fitness is conveniently located in the Southwest section of Hoboken at 207 Jefferson St Our studio is small enough so the group workouts are more personalized but big enough so you don’t feel overwhelmed! Classes are 10 for 135.00 because although working out is a necessary…personal training is a luxury, so here we create a personalized workout geared for you to go at your own pace without the hefty personal training price tag!

Susan Tee Fitness

207 Jefferson St

Hoboken NJ


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Meet on the mat for some fun filled work outs.

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