Take today off, I’ll see you tomorrow


I know it’s a Lazy kinda Sunday for sure, rains falling, it’s kinda chilly out, you’re laying in your bed thinking where did the weekend go…take me back to Friday…

well I’ll take ya, take advantage of this mellow Sunday, read a book take a yoga class, maybe enjoy a class of vino, cause tomorrow is Monday and we Never skip a Monday!!!!

Monday sets the foundation for your week!!!

So Start the week off right with a fun and intense workout with @susanteefitness

Susan Tee Fitness is a small studio where classes are only filled with up to 8 people, so it’s more like person training not with the CRAZY PERSONAL TRAINING PRICE TAG or that big box gym where you feel lost and they don’t even notice you or your form!

Classes are geared for you to go at your own pace, creating a foundation of stability by using your own body, weights, kettles, medicine balls and more, so you feel safe and confident as you move.

Focus is on form, and getting fit in a fun and safe environment surrounded by a group of men and women with the same mindset as you! STRONGER NOT SKINNIER!


Give me 6 weeks I’ll give you results!

Meet me tomorrow 545&645 am or 715pm

10 classes 135.00 or one month unlimited for 160.00

10 classes a week to choose from 💪🏻

Sign up link in my Bio or at


Susan Tee Fitness is located at 207 Jefferson St in the downtown section of Hoboken!


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