Have you ever just hit the pause when things started to get a little hectic…have you ever stopped to check the scales of balance…do you ever feel like you’re being pulled in to many directions…. Balance..what is do we attain it, where does it come from….who has it…and where do I buy some…

Why does everyone else seem to have it together and not me… No one truly ever has it all together, but we work hard at it..and noticing when things get a little shitty and the balance is off, is key!

Taking moments through out the day

To pause is crucial…one bad moment doesn’t equate to a bad day…it’s a moment own it and move on

If these questions you’re constantly asking yourself🤔know you’re not alone!! Life has this way of keeping us out of balance, and it does it cause we take things for granted, we all do,

We are always on the go, looking or trying to make the best next thing, make more money, have more friends, more clothes, bigger houses, better cars, we focus so much on the shit we don’t need we lose sight of the good shit right in front of us.. I woke up yesterday and said to someone people complain so much about stress and anxiety, and money, but we create all of the stress,

I wake up everyday,

I’m alive

I’m healthy

I have a roof over my head I can afford even if I lost my job(I don’t live above my means..ever)

I have food in my fridge

I have 2 great friends and a Charlie to keep me grounded…

My kids are doing ok and Derrick is happy,

So what more do I need… NOTHING but now let’s talk about the wants…what do you WANT!!! Everything…

where does stress come from …

Money, Fake Friends, Jealously, Envy, work…kids…relationships..the list is endless of things we want..vs what we need..:

We tend to create our own stress pushing all of our limits to get more of what we want..than look to point fingers, these stresses create illnesses inside of us…cause we over think, over stress, and we lose our balance.. Finding Balance is tough, knowing when to take a break is tough, knowing when to hit the pause is difficult cause we live in such a fast paced world, today observe n pause..just pause and breathe…

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