End of the month special!! And what’s happening in May!

56F769BA-AB27-4566-A4B4-674F7FBDD5FB.jpegGood Morning!!! End of the month deal!!!! Plus Look what’s coming in May!!! And look at all the new and exciting things going on at Susan Tee Fitness.
While all the workouts continue to be, supportive, encouraging and geared to go at your own pace, we’ve incorporated heavier weights so now your already awesomely intense workouts can get even more intense!
I’ll also be incorporating HIIT Yoga which will satisfy all of your calorie-blasting and de-stressing needs all at the same time. You’ll love it I swear! I’ll be adding Yin-Vin Yoga
Which is the the total opposite of HIIT Yoga, Yin Yoga is geared for a deeper stretch with calming tunes and holding poses without creating resistance for longer periods of time digging deep into tissues so we can relieve some issues……and at the end of Class you can enjoy a nice glass of Vino. Sounds amazing huh! Ya I know🙏🏻
We are also adding a new class called Fire and Ice Yoga, which is a combination of Yin Yoga and a nice Vinyasa Flow, join us as we dig deep into your tissues for half the class and than follow it you with a nice yang flow to get it all flowing again!
These are just a few of the new and exciting things happening here at Susan Tee Fitness, be sure to log on to our website and check out our lastest blog and click the link Class sign up and reserve your spot today!

Remember it’s not how you start…it’s how you finish!

See you on the mat,
Susan Tee Fitness
207 Jefferson St
Hoboken NJ 07030


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