Push the call to action button!

Commit to a goal and than create a plan of action! One of the best life hacks to sign up for a race, a challenge, a trip or even an event. When you click the register, or buy now button something happens internally and this is no longer a thought flowing around in your head but now an action, and you must spring into action! The steps you take within the next day will create the outcome, so don’t sit around wondering or waiting! Click the call to action button and get that ass moving!!!!

I’ll see you on the mat today 6am for cardio blast @susanteefitness 930am @powerflowyoga jc for cross training yoga and 7pm @susanteefitness for Soul Searching🕉

Looking for a gym that’s got your back..not trying to break your back or Bank?  At Susan Tee Fitness we care about quality over quantity everyday day!! Form is key to getting effective results! Lifting should be fun and effective, not hard and painful! Stop by today and see what all the raves about! Be Smart Like Susan Tee…take your time …Go your own pace…results will follow! Oh and have fun! •

You can now sign up for classes via Instagram simply click the book button above^^^^^^

Susan Tee Fitness is conveniently located in the Southwest section of Hoboken at 207 Jefferson St Our studio is small enough so the group workouts are more personalized but big enough so you don’t feel overwhelmed! Classes are 10 for 135.00 because although working out is a necessary…personal training is a luxury, so here we create a personalized workout geared for you to go at your own pace without the hefty personal training price tag!

Susan Tee Fitness

207 Jefferson St

Hoboken NJ


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