Boy do I need you Monday!!!

Good morning Monday!!!! Boy do I need you!! I banged myself up a bit this weekend, internally and externally, I ate like shit than worked out…ate like shit again than sat on my ass! Lol that Coquito I made went in for real!!!! And that homemade make and cheese❤️❤️❤️ I was gonna go take yoga yesterday but couldn’t get out of my own Dam way! Ha! So here I am today 4 am giving myself my own spin class and than meditation after!!!! One of the most beautiful gifts I possess is self knowledge of fitness and self love towards me, allowing myself to slip the fuck up feeling like I gained a million pounds externally and internally and than being able to tell myself to shut the fuck up cause you’re fine!!! I’ve made agreements with myself along time ago to not allow myself to beat myself up… to not allow my own words to cause harm to me…than I transferred that same mind set of people places and things as I am only in control of me and this weekend I was fully in control of all of it and today I will undo what I did moving forward not regretting one word, or one bite of that homemade Mac and cheese I made for Aaron or Sipping that Coquito all day! (If you saw me in shoprite yesterday my apologies for being so silly! Now you know why!😜😜) I also made that for him! Hahahahaha!!!! This life is meant to be lived… lived for you… lived for me….and lived to be lived fully completely and joyfully!!! Embrace your inner shit don’t run from patient with it and smile!!! It’s Fucking Monday!!!! Let’s get it!!! This week I’ve got a fully loaded schedule!!! Including @cragfit this Wednesday at 12pm for there VersaYoga Class so if you’re around this Wednesday at noon.. I invite you to show up you won’t be disappointed I promise I switched it up A lot and kicked them Asanas up!!!

#fitness #hoboken #noregrets #onlylessons #truth #live #livingmybestlife #liveauthentic #weallslipup #regroup #mondaymotivation #realtalk #realshit #workout #process #beautiful #cardio #studio #gym #personaltrainer #weightlossjourney #dairyofapersontrainer #iamhuman #human #seeme #fitchick #yoga

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