It’s super hard to commit, but do it!!! Even just for 4weeks…

Because on Friday we Flex!!! Working out is tough for anyone even me! Making a commitment to yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally, and internally if fucking hard especially with my busy life…work kids..grand kids and my personal life….The thought of minimal bread, wine, desserts and less date nights is scary….but I committed…so For the last 4 weeks I have recommitted to my self and my training!!!! I didn’t see my results until someone said to me ..yo you look super skinny you lost a lot of weight, I was like nah I only lost 7lbs…but I knew my body fat dropped but wasn’t sure how much as I hate numbers…I go by my clothes….than I walked past the mirror and I saw my abs!!! I hit the pause and had that oh shit moment!!! I don’t do sit-ups much, minimal, I work my abs in soooo many other ways! Kickboxing, yoga, body weight, So I was super excited!!!!!! I changed everything…my diet mostly…and gave up tequila..alittle bit! And I’ve made my workouts super fun!!! I incorporated them into workouts at my studio and all my clients and they have seen a difference in themselves as well!!! They even said this was was intense….and We are alll 100% happy with our results in 4weeks! I’m excited to see what the next 4 weeks bring!!! Meet me on the mat today @powerflowyoga in Jc at 12pm or hoboken at 530pm so we can work on our 2 pack together!! Or sign up for my Core Crusher class tomorrow at 815am 2 spots left!


You can now sign up for classes via Instagram simply click the book button above^^^^^^

Susan Tee Fitness is conveniently located in the Southwest section of Hoboken at 207 Jefferson St Our studio is small enough so the group workouts are more personalized but big enough so you don’t feel overwhelmed! Classes are 10 for 125.00 because although working out is a necessary…personal training is a luxury, so here we create a personalized workout geared for you to go at your own pace without the hefty personal training price tag!

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