A Personal Trainer should have 3 things

A personal trainer should have 3 qualities

1. Knowledge

2. Empathy

3. Compassion

At Susan Tee Fitness our trainers have all 3 and many more qualities, We are offering a Fall Into Fitness personal training special 10 30 min personal training sessions for 350.00 and you purchase this package you will receive 3 free small group classes!!!! You can use them for any class as the perfect compliment to your training!

Saturday’s at Susan Tee Fitness, class today’s Core Crusher is at 7am wake up and meet me on the mat!

Susan Tee Fitness is conveniently located in the Southwest section of Hoboken at 207 Jefferson St Our studio is small enough so the group workouts are more personalized but big enough so you don’t feel overwhelmed! Classes are 10 for 125.00 because although working out is a necessary…personal training is a luxury, so here we create a personalized workout geared for you to go at your own pace without the hefty personal training price tag!

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