Live with Compassion

Every pairs of eyes facing you has probably experienced something you could not endure….be mindful with your words and actions….with each step I try to touch the earth as lightly as I can to cause her no harm, and in return she does me no harm🙏🏻~the Yamas & Niyams. I told someone last week the problem with this world is no one has compassion…people have become so self absorbed with possessions that they forget everyone has had a struggle…her response was ..Susan NO one gives a shit about your compassion, no one gives shit about your struggles, this is where we are in life….suck it up shut your mouth and do as I say….that day my heart broke, as I sat and let those words play over in my head for a min or two, and I responded with, I don’t care that NO ONE else has compassion, BUT I DO!!!!! I live it I breathe it I am it!!!! And in the next moment the universe heard me and showed HER compassion from someone else right before her own eyes!!!! Moral of the story…no matter what others choose to believe it’s there right, but how you choose to react to there beliefs…THATS YOUR CHOICE🙏🏻 I’m living the best life I can with what I’ve got…I’ve got no plan and no clue! But I’ve got compassion, and the WILL TO BELIEVE!!! Have an epic day y’all!!! I’ll catch you on the flip side!!!! #compassion #believe #strongnotskinny #yogaeverydamnday #workoutwednesday #workin #namaste #yamas&niyamas #perspective #sunrise #newday #liveyourbestlife #live #liveyourlife #livewithcompassion #trueself #truelove #yoga #lifestyle

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