The quality of being thankful, the Readiness to show appreciation for and give back kindness in return….

When I think about gratitude I try to focus all of my energies on the amazing things that contribute to my my good health…my kids…the fact that I have a job and never go to work one day of my life…i have a talent, I’m grateful that I have a roof over my head, and my kids still love me enough ( I’m the annoying, nagging mom! 😂) and they want to be around me a lot!

Circumstances happen in life and we all tend to get angry or jealous of things others have….and the things we don’t have…like maybe your friend has a better car or a bigger house, a better job and the make more money than you…and maybe there spouse maybe a little hotter than yours(as if😂) than we get all caught in be envious and hurtful… spiteful and hurtful….i have been both homeless and rich….and I’ve had it all, the nice car, the hoopty , the big house, the cardboard box house, the flashy jewels, the .99 rings, all the money, and at a point where I didn’t know where my next meal was coming from…but I didn’t have happiness, on both sides of the track….seems strange….nope….and that’s cause the focus wasn’t on being grateful for what i have but more on what I didn’t have…both times…I had to step back re-evaluate my life and its situations and make a list of all the things I needed to be grateful for…

1. My good health

2. My talent

3. The unconditional love my kids gave me

4. Being young enough to realize something was off

5. A job I loved

6. A roof over my head


8. Knowledge

The list was endless…

Than i made a list of the things I didn’t have but wanted….

1. More money

2. A car

3. More work( which goes back to more money)

4. A man to love me

5. Fancy bags and clothes

6. More friends

This list was even longer….

Many years ago when I was married my ex would say we need more I always though why I have enough, (I knew what it was like to not know where my next meal was coming from so I was ok with whatever I had)he never really got what I meant, he was and still is a great guy but our paths went in different directions and it never was enough, we focused on a bigger house, a bigger car and forgot about being grateful for the little house and the shit mobile we had, and eachother…..that we lost touch

This isn’t about my ex or anything like that it’s about ENOUGH and having gratitude for the little things we have like good Health, the ability to move freely, the choice to live a healthier life, the ability to be happy daily cause we create our Happiness and Unhappiness and don’t fully understand that.

We are 💯 in charge of everything we go through, and most times instead of being grateful for what we have, we want more of it and are never happy,

More money, more love, more flashy shit we don’t need, and that when we wind up miserable we try to wonder why “others don’t get us” or “why can’t i attain more”

Maybe take a moment to step back evaluate what you have make a list and know you have everything you need, it may not be everything you want…but it is everything you need, so embrace it…

Give your spouse a hug and a kiss,

Be thankful for your health

Give a stranger a smile

Pet a puppy

Take a walk

Sit in the park and observe the beauty that surrounds you

Look around your home not your house and be grateful you have a roof over your head

Go into work today and instead of complaining how much you hate your job or boss, be grateful you have a job to go to, some of us don’t,

Know that the 2013 Honda is just as good as the 2018

And most importantly tell the people in your life you love them and appreciate them daily❤️

Give back Kindness

Don’t wake up each day thinking about the riches you don’t have but be grateful for all the riches that you do have🙏🏻. Have an epic day,

If you’re around today and want to talk some more about gratitude stop by my studio as I’ll be teaching today at 7pm

207 Jefferson st in hoboken

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