Where am I supposed to be?


There are some days when I just wonder what would I be if I wasn’t in fitness? I always wanted to be a lawyer or a cop, (I’d be that badass spiritual gangster officer for sure!) some days I am beyond tired and say I wish I had a 9-5 and just have a normal schedule… and sometimes I send my resume out and I go interview for jobs because I think maybe this isn’t where I’m suppose to be….I can push a pencil and do corporate stuff…hmmm….but than things like this happen and I am reminded why I do what I do and why I am where I am!!! When someone walks through my door the first thing I feel is the energy I think I have a gift cause the shit I feel is unbelievable…I remember the day Caitlyn walked through that door..I alittle nervous but determination was in her eyes!!! I explained the process and she was on board, not only did she have determination and drive, but she had the desire to learn and listen and when those moments arose and she said I can’t I looked her in the eyes and said YOU CAN! Her response OK ILL TRY! And her tries turned into doing and she did!!! And here we are!!! I had no idea about the 1year time limit, but I did know this chick was ready willing and able!!! So all I did was help her find the power she had within her and she ran with it…SHE DID ALL the work on the mat and off all I did was guide her…Im super proud of her and she is my HeRo this month reminding me I’m exactly where im suppose to be doing exactly what I’m suppose to with the people I’m suppose to be with!!! #feelingappreciated #results #realpeople #realresults #determination #dothework #weightloss #weightlossjourney #personaltrainer #training #hardwork #justkeepswimming #dontlookback #journey #client #fitness #fitfam #trusttheprocess #susanteefitness #fitness #fitfam #balance #badass #thankful #humble #grateful #reallife #hero #bodypositive @ Susan Tee Fitness

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