My new Tattoo

What does it me to be my Authentic Self? It means being your true self, the person you were born to be, your beliefs, what makes you happy in your life without worrying about what someone else thinks or if they will like you cause you may be a little weird, alittle to nerdy, alittle to fit, maybe you’re to yogic, or maybe your just to happy!!! Or maybe you’re just an asshole and guess what that’s ok too!!!! Who knows but In order to realize and understand who your true self is, and be ok with that you have to start by thinking about your own life, and giving zero fucks what any one else thinks! We all get caught up in wanting to look like someone else, a certain body type, rocking the newest tanks, buying cars over priced simply for status, what bout the over priced big house or condo…the more I have the better I’ll be, the happier I’ll be…Bullshit! How bout the 500. Peekaboo stroller…everyone has….or having the best phones(I miss my razor)that we now can’t even enjoy dinner unless we are staring at statuses cause we have to keep up!!! are you over worked and miserable? I think You get my drift now take a moment to Reflect on how striving to fit in with these trends impacts your life. Ask yourself if striving for and living inside these trends makes you happy. Are those things the true you? Hit the pause…..lets Take a moment to Lighten up and take yourself back to your best childhood moments, no cares in the world, living laughing, creating your dreams, have you been side tracked by life and are kinda wondering who am i? I know I have been there a few times, the first thing I needed to change was my voice! I needed to start speaking my truth and being ok with it without being hurtful..once I found my voice I started to find myself again, I lost a few friends and family members along the way, but I’m ok with that once I realized that certain people places and things stopped me from Living Authentic I made a change, a change only I could make…loved myself and than allowed someone else to love me….take a min..let that sink in…and now ask yourself…are you “Living Authenticily” I’ll see you on the mat either @susanteefitness or @powerflowyoga in hoboken and jersey city…let’s workin so we can workout!!! 🙏🏻❤️ #liveauthentic

#liveyourlife #selflove #practice #balance#valueyourself

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