Trust that everything will workout!

My heart is full❤️❤️Yesterday I taught a yoga class and did something unexpected.. I purposely threw in a pose in a sequence on one side I didn’t do on the other…Everyone kinda stopped and looked at me confused…my response was simple…Dont question the action, but take a moment and think about you reaction…still confused they looked at me as I guided through the remaining sequences…when I found a moment to sit everyone for a breathe i explained…”sometimes in life the unexpected happens…instead of trying to fight the process or figure it out, simply go with the flow and things will fall into place.” They than understand….2 years ago yesterday I signed my lease for Susan Tee Fitness, unexpectedly as I worked for a gym I loved and thought loved me, unknowing to my knowledge planned to fire me, when I figured it I was like of shit now what? I made an unexpected move with the strength of a great person behind me…now knowing the future but decided to go with the flow…and two years ago today I got keys and walked through the door of Susan Tee Fitness promising my self to never lose sight of why I started this, and promising myself to stay humble. My goal was and is to create an environment, geared toward people, keeping rates low, but at the same time giving my clients a high quality experience, I didn’t and don’t ever want my clients to think it’s another gym that just takes there money and doesn’t give a shit about there results inside and out. I have grown sooo much over the last two years! Internally leaps and bounds, while physically I could stand for improvement,(can’t we all) the point is what happened was sooo unexpected and instead of overthinking or panicking I simply went with the flow! And I feel as though I’ve passed the scary part, and continuing my growth and sharing that with others, I’m happy to say my landlord has offered me a long term lease and it looks like I’m gonna be here for a while!!!!! I’m so thankful for the opportunity and I’m thankful for all of my clients who has stood by me with the space that I’ve created!!! Here’s to a lifetime of Good Health, Prosperity, and Happiness🙏🏻 on the mat and off!!! #2yearanniversary #growth

#growth#process#believe#believeinyourself#hoboken#fitness #liveauthenic

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