Don’t just talk the talk

Im gonna put this out there with the hope of not sounding like a dick…

Mental illness is real starting from anxiety, depression,bipolar…with all the in betweens and ending with schizophrenia…which is the worst form of mental illness, in light what just happened in the celebrity world everyone is posting about it….

No one chooses this life …it chooses you… one wakes up one day and decides to be bipolar or schizophrenic, no one decides to allow anxiety or depression to beat them up so much that they take there own lives….but sometimes there circumstances are so overwhelming in that moment they lose control and in the blink of an eye someone you love is gone😢

Now here is What i can tell you is there is such a stigma attached to mental illness, that many live in fear and that is depressing for them and for a family member of someone suffering with mental illness, everyone says I’m here for you or I’m your friend but are they really? How many people do you know with mental illness either themselves or a family member or a friend…how many times have you checked on them….a simple “hey”…or “do u wanna grab coffee”…maybe just a “I thought of u today I hope you’re well” most people talk the talk but never walk the walk…key word there most! If u do it i commend you. If you say you do it and dont shame on you….

this life is short and I know we all must live it for “ourselves”

But take more than just a moment on Facebook to post a meme about it…and think about someone in your life who may need your ear for an hour …think…. find ways to help them cope…meditation is beautiful way help those suffering from a mental illness get out of there own way..

If your thinking I don’t know how to help or meditate ask me I’ll show you how…it’s not rocket science I swear…

The struggle is real and it’s daily for those truly suffering, and guess what they are usually left alone to fend for themselves, and for the true family members and friends that stay for the long haul and never giving up on the ones you love..I applaud you,

If you or someone you know is suffering from any sort of mental illness pleas don’t hesitate to contact me


We can battle this shit together!!! #ialwaysgotyourback#iamincharge#mentalillnessucks #walkingthewalknotjusttalkingthetalk #togetherwearestronger #love #innerpeace #liveauthenic

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