Depression and Fitness

I’m no therapist or psychiatrist, but what I can tell you is imma realest and depression is real! Real thoughts real emotions real meltdowns😔 in a world where everything is rushed… people are judged.. single parent households..two parent work loads…throw in a husbands, wives, kids, bills, money issues, divorce …family issues…work shit… homework, day care… how about lack of attention, not enough time in a day or just plain old life if fucking tough today’ 🙃 it’s enough to make anyone go alittle fucking batty 🦇 daily living is tough enough as we dedicate so much of our selves to others mentally emotionally physically and financially… I myself can tell you there are days where I want to throw that dam towel in curl up in a ball and scream my lungs out! Cry so much that I hope when I stop I’ve cried magic tears and all my problems are gone😳🤔🤷‍♀️ but reality is what it is and this isn’t possible, so over the years I’ve personally made a strong connection between my fitness life and my personal life❤️💪🏻 with every struggle every melt down and every tear I shed I made it a point once upon a time to see that therapist and it didn’t work…so no I make it my own choice to not seek a therapist who gives zero fucks about me and is quick to write a script of xans, Zoloft, or some other bullshit addictive pill that would destroy me later in life, but instead took my in the moment crazy ass for a run…a yoga class, a kickboxing class, or swang some dam metal🏃🏼‍♀️🙏🏻🏋🏻 and during and after for me anyway it seemed my problems weren’t so bad and were manageable… feeling amazing after my blood sweating kick ass workouts was exactly what I needed…I knew if I just conquered a 9 mile run, spent an hour in yoga just letting go of things that served no purpose and kicked the shit out of a heavy bag my feel good endorphins will kick in and be released and in that moment I was and would be ok🤔😊 not saying this will work for everyone but I’m saying it worked for me…there have been proven links between depression and fitness and how beneficial fitness is to your mental health🤔 I mean for a min think about your current situation and think about what’s not working, than decide to make a change, set a small goal than think about when you workout and how you feel after…think about how you felt before…some goals are … I’m gonna get skinny and look cute… or I need to fit into that dress or maybe summer is coming and I’m gonna rock that two piece! these are great reasons to start but think about how you felt before you started to workout…were you happy? Sad? Did you have anxiety? Were you stressed out? Or maybe you were just Indifferent? What ever you felt hit the pause button….Now think about how you started to feel when you started to reach those goals..:and how your views start to change and you start to FeeL better, look better. Sound better and approach things differently I bet actually you probably felt amazing and started making more time to get to the gym or go for the run and when you skip you get all in your feelings …all those feelings come rushing back…and there’s the connection! I mean I’m no rocket scientist…shit I barely made it through school…but I do know I’m a trainer who’s a realest, with problems and concerns like everyone else and the minute I hit the gym my mindset starts to change I realize I can conquer anything I set my mind to, I realize I am amazing, strong, capable and worthy, I also realize shit is gonna go wrong it’s suppose to but I need to prioritize it and take care of me so I can put on my big girl panties and cowgirl 🐎the fuck up and handle shit…if you don’t believe me the next time you feel alittle out of sorts take that run…that walk..that spin class..the yoga class what ever your fit is find it and that re-evaluate the connection between depression and fitness and see how you’re feeling!! Have a great day y’all and don’t forget here at Susan Tee Fitness we’re not just another gym..we a small personal studio…geared toward working in a small group setting cause here is home and everything is personal 💪🏻❤️🙏🏻

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