Late Nights….to snack or not to snack..

Do you ever find yourself at the end of a long ass day either sitting on the couch or laying in bed thinking🤔….thinking 🤔and thinking 🤔some more and than you feel and hear the grumbles of a empty belly and then ponder the thoughts…..Hmmmm what can I nosh on? I wonder where the cookies went? or am I suppose to eat after 7? or how bout…One little snack won’t hurt! lol to be honest I thought all of these and plenty more! During my transition from 230 lbs  and 34% body fat down to my lowest 135 and 14% body fat I clearly remember in the beginning thinking “I busted my ass at the gym today, so a few cookies after dinner won’t kill all my hard work!” I also remember how guilty I felt after cause it was never just one or two Oreos it was like 5-6-7 and sometimes 8! I also remember convincing myself it was ok to eat a bowl of fruit at 10pm cause it was fruit and fruit is healthy…lol again!!!

So I think the truth in my opinion is snacking at night is ok as long as you choose wisely, fruit is ok but is it? although its A healthy sugar its still sugar, eating a little may be ok but consuming an entire bowl of blueberries, raspberries an apple and banana is not ok, it equals TO a shit load of carbs and a ton of sugar….omg can you imagine working out and busting your ass at the gym and coming home and sabotaging yourself without even realizing you are! so I think Maybe ill eat some peanut butter my relationship with this yummy gooey and delicious snack is a love hate kinda of affair… or maybe some “fat free ice-cream” lol again while peanut butter is a good fat consuming to much after the 2 tablespoon minimum is grounds for disaster! and btw there is nothing free of fat in that fat free ice cream either! check that label its loaded with tons of carbs and sugar and all kinds of the other crap thats in it!

I try to explain to my clients that I too struggle some nights with what do I eat after dinner cause im usually still hungry or I crave that sweet something to tide me over…why not try boiling some eggs thats a protein snack guaranteed to satisfy the hungriest of hungry people as they are packed with protein… and if youre craving the sweet why not invest in plain greek yogurt and add a scoop of protein power than blend to create a healthy chocolate or vanilla pudding, combined that is at least 45 grams of protein that will help rebuild those growing muscles while you sleep! When you go to sleep at night the body goes to work on rebuilding and repairing the body, consuming the right amounts of protein, carbs and fats daily is essential in growing muscles especially while you sleep! You should consume 1 gram of protein to one pound of weight in the body, for more muscle consume more for less muscle decrease, but you are in control of all that you consume.

Late night snacking makes a huge difference in meeting your fitness goals, I like many try my hardest not to reach for any of the bad stuff so I try my best to keep it out of the house, but its difficult when you have growing children around who constantly say, Why do I have to suffer cause you’re in training? or Why is there only saw dust snacks in the house? and of course my favorite, “OMG! THERES NEVER ANY “GOOD FOOD” IN THIS HOUSE!!” LOL  as if….

So if youre trying to reach some kinda goals, or just trying to loss a few extra pounds, be mindful of snacking times and foods you consume, nothing  bad after 7 that includes healthy bowls of fruit… as you won’t have time to burn it off and instead your body will only be burning off the bad food you just ate n stead of building and repairing the muscles that you worked so hard to create a few hours before…

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