Building a Foundation

January rolls around gyms get packed…healthy posts go up…grocery store shelves wind up empty and everyone’s a heath nut or a trainer….simply cause everyone is on a health kick…so I decide to do a fitness challenge at my studio in hoboken for the low rate of 135.00 for unlimited classes for the month of January… 21 classes in 31 days …with my own kinda intentions for my clients…when you see these kinda things at gyms or work you start to wonder Why? What’s the purpose? Why should I do this..I don’t have times…what do I want to achieve…or maybe it’s the Ima get skinny!!!😊. Summer is coming…or new year new me.. now take a min and think about how you feel When you are faced with a challenge 🤔 you kinda wonder why? Or what for? Or maybe this will be easy…or maybe you get stressed out and quit before you even start…we do things for so many different reasons and the purpose of these challenges are for reasons that only we know……the thought of 21 classes or intense classes is a lot to ask of someone and making the time killing yourself to show up can be insane😜or maybe the thought to lose a shit load of weight is your motivation…but know the reasons to show up and follow through are yours and yours alone there should be no option to not go…. my intentions are to simply remind yourself you’re worth one hour a are that important and worth making time for yourself..and you are worth the end results…whether it’s creating a solid foundation for fitness or a mindful foundation in creating space for yourself, in life we get so caught up in life issues like work… and friends that we forget to put ourselves first and we are the low man on the totem pole 😪 we forget our worth and how important we are..exercising helps to release feel good endorphins …think about how you feel at the thought of going to a class…than think about how you feel during..I know the answer and it’s usually “oh my god I don’t wanna go!😳” or “omg this sucks!😞 how bout “why am I here?😤” or “I don’t have time!” ✋🏻now take a min to think about how you feel after class.🤔….it’s usually …”oh that was hard but I feel great!” Or “I loved it❤️!” How bout “why didn’t I do this before! What ever the thought process is, remember you have to start in order to begin! Remember you are worth one hour a day ..5 hours a week…and in case you’re  still contemplating the 5 hours let me break it down alittle bit differently…there are 7 days in a week ..24 hours in each day…30-31 days In a month which equates to 720-744 hours in a month….out of all them hours know you are worth 100 of them..simply for you…and pay close attention to how you feel and look before …during…and after…how do your clothes fit…how do you feel on the inside..and know that you have laid a sold foundation that should continue long after the challenge is over that is key..continuing when everyone else not in the challenge stopped going in February… know you have created a new you who not only looks good but feels good as well!!!👍 Now think are you worth 60 mins a day?

Congratulations to everyone who signed up for my January challenge not only in completing it but congrats on taking the steps necessary in building a better future and knowing your worth 60 mins a day! See you on the mat to continue building a solid and stable foundation👏🏻

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