The Art of Surrender

“The reality is that tomorrow is most certainly uncertain and no matter how many expectations we form, tomorrow will come, tomorrow will go, and it will be what it will be.” ~Lori Deschene. My entire life has been about being in control…controlling every move..being my version of what I thought the best was… trying my hardest to not let anyone get over on me, staying two steps ahead so I wound never fall behind the eight ball, this worked for along time but caused me a great deal of anxiety, anxiety I kept to myself..especially when I got married and than when I had kids ..I wanted full control in my home life…kids, husband, work, and fitness, I always worried what people thought, so I always came up with he next best thing, trying to will my kids to be who I wanted them to be..and still kept it moving with happiness, my version of happiness ..never given in to the same ole same ole, I tried to Make them see things my way and how things would go more smoothly if they did things my way and not there’s  but I learned after years that all this caused was stress and tension and that growth was impossible, cause you can’t make anyone see things your way and or you can’t make them do what you want..i started to get frustrated and started to lash out, cause I couldn’t control them especially as they grew up and into there own people..there own thoughts there own actions and consequences, I wanted so bad for everyone to just be happy, I thought I could make them happy by making them doing what I wanted, of people could only see what I see life would be easier.. but all it did was create more anxiety more tension and stress for all of us…I got depressed and angry o snapped all the time I couldn’t figure out what to do I was losing control..Oh no god forbid ….😳one day a friend asked me to try yoga..I was like WTF😡 I don’t need yoga 🙏🏻..but I said why not it can’t hurt all the mumbo jumbo…when I startled my yoga journey the first thought was I can’t do it cause I can’t stay still my mind never rests but it’s fitness and I knew I had the will to control the flow! Hahahaha joke was on me cause one of the first things you are told is to let go..Surrender…I thought ya not happening…actually my thought was This bitch is crazy!’n she isn’t telling me what to do! 😂😂 Hahahaha imagine my first class I met with resistance just cause my ego was so big and wouldn’t surrender and allow myself to just be… it’s safe to say I got served I learned real quick what my resistance was creating…tension in every pose…stress in my brain cause I couldn’t hold a simple pose as strong as my ass is I couldn’t do it and promised myself I would never go back cause I couldn’t be in control…i was angry and frustrated…I left and thought for days about it I cried and laughed and wound up going back again and again…eventually realizing my ego and lack of surrender has destroyed some of what would of been the best years of my life…10 years later I have learned so many lessons about surrender, I learned how hurtful the ego is on the the gym while lifting..on the pavement while running…once my mindset changed and I knew I could do anything just a modified version…I learned I could give my kids advice and know they could take it or leave reasoning about letting go of what serves no purpose and standing strong for what I believe in changed, I still have anxiety and tension when things don’t go my way but I’ve learned to let go and know I can’t control the actions of others but I can control how I react to there actions….it’s amazing what actually happens when you surrender..goals get met…happiness comes easier…the anxiety lessons..and your desire for life becomes amazing!!! So today I ask you to surrender ..let go of what serves no purpose… and you can start with me today at 1230pm as I lead my yoga class at powerflow in hoboken. If yogas not your thing meet me at Susan Tee Fitness 207 Jefferson st in hoboken at 7pm for my Bootcamp class..let’s learn the art of surrender together💪🏻🙏🏻❤️

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