With change there is only success…



Good Morning and happy Monday!!! Ugh Monday…ya it’s Monday one of the toughest days of the week cause all I’m thinking about is Friday!!! 😉 Seriously though how do you feel when you know the weekends over? do you ever think on Sunday night… ohhhh yippee tomorrows Monday😍 I’m sooo looking forward to the grind🤔….nah they’re thinking Dam I gotta get up early tomorrow…back to the bullshit…ya I’ve thought it a time or too, and was like why can’t I just stay home…After hating Monday’s so much one day I decide to make Monday my b*tch…and those thoughts became a thing of the past! Once I started to change my mindset I created a plan….my plan was to fully enjoy my Fridays and Saturdays and when Sunday rolled around about 5pm I started to mentally prepare myself for my work week…plugged myself in as a client so I could to get my work outs in…knowing the thought of the grind leaves us all mentally exhausted but instead of letting it bum me out I use it in my favor…and here’s how I did it…

I Started by meal prepping, Sundays are a great Day for cooking and prepackaging my meals for work, 5 breakfasts 5 lunches and about 20-30 snack packs…and dinners can be prepared when I get home… I sure to always include a protein, a carb and a good fat…in every meal 40-40-20 split…

Next I planned my workouts


I Plugged in at least 6hours ….that’s not Alot if you think about, but mentally my mind was like whoa she’s crazy… I checked my local studio…#susanteefitness schedule and see what times work best for me, i knew I couldn’t skip a Monday…never skip the first day of the week…and know if none of the times work plug in a 20 mins speed walk…try to average at least 10-12000 steps a day….for that day do what you can…and than look at the next day… and made it a point to plug myself in and then plug myself in for the rest of the week!

Success only comes if you work for it…so start by creating a plan..make a change…change comes with hard work…and with hard work success will follow ..And it all starts with a Monday Http://Susanteesignup.as.me/


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