The day after a 3 day weekend…


don’t know about you guys but I hear 3 day weekend I am get all tingly inside😜 I’m like where am I going, what am I doing, what can I see next and most importantly what’s the lay of land as I love a new beautiful view for both my running and of course to stop drop and yoga! 🏃🏼‍♀️🕉 3 days off doesn’t mean you lose all your senses and forget your reason…well maybe it does😂 but it means you can scale back abit and enjoy your off time , but at the same continue to find your fit in less restricted moments..

This weekend I took advantage of the time off And I slowed down abit . I enjoyed some cheat meals and went for shorter runs but this time I incorporated some vinyasa flow poses into my time so I can kill two birds with one stone! I knew I didn’t want to spend two separate hours training so I just ran for an hour and stopped every mile(about 8-9mins) and did a flow…what ever I wanted and by the time I was at mile 5 it was an hour and I was done and with over 700 calories burned to boot!!!#thatequalswinninginmybook I felt so great after and I didn’t feel so guilty about my cheat meals. I also like to look for new studios to take a class out and check out someone else’s perspective on fitness, it’s so cool when you’re trying something new👍 i enjoy getting smacked Around abit in a new place where no one knows me✊🏻

I preach a lot about being my version of fit and my version of Normal, I try my best to balance my fitness life and my food life. I never want it to feel like a chore and I never want my clients to feel like it’s a chore that’s why I teach my Mashup classes with a 50/50 split, two different exercises merged to make one fun class, time goes quick and the job at hand is done! and I say food should be enjoyable not like you’re eating saw dust! 😳 that’s not fun and id only be setting myself and clients up for failure and no one wants that 😌 so the next time you think about that 3 or 4 day weekend think about these few things..

1. What would my view be like for my running (if you’re a runner)? Or even walking!

2. Is the view something I can enjoy and find a quiet spot for myself or us to just be…or even my yoga(if you practice)?

3. Is there an inside gym in case the weather doesn’t allow for over activities?

And be mindful of your food remember when you return you have to get back to normal activities not just work…

So choose foods with an 80/20 split and enjoy the food you normally do have back home. And remember work out less if you want but don’t skip not even a day, you’ll thank yourself I promise! 😉

Stop by today and try a Mashup class I promise you won’t regret it!! Signup here👇🏻 or on the main page under class signups!

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