The power of Meditation

So some food for thought…So recently my grandson was having a tough time connecting in school as we thought it would of been a good fit..sadly we were wrong and until we could transfer him and help him find his fit one of the things that helped me keep Derrick grounded through all of the extra at his last school was the power of Yoga and meditation, Derrick is fortunate enough that his grandma is a Certified Yoga Teacher…(not to mention the love I have for him is unreal!❤️❤️❤️) everyday we meditated and I reminded him to Let go of what served him no purpose the day before and start each day with a grateful and humble heart❤️ I know in the after care programs In town ( hoboken) they have yoga as I have him signed up, but what about during school when things seem a bit hectic should a teacher be able to lead the kids through a moment of stillness and connecting the mind and body…to bring the class back to solid ground…

I know it’s a touchy subject, but as the world is evolving so are our youth, I believe We need to connect with our children on a different level to help them stay grounded, what so you think?

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