Body Weight vs Lifting Weights…I like both💪🏻

img_2574Nothing is better than feeling good after a workout!💪🏻 I always feel stronger and I swear I look skinnier😳 Nothing makes me happier than switching my workouts between lifting metal and using my own body as my machine and here’s why…

So how do I start this without sounding like a meathead who slings metal daily because I want to not cause I have to…so first off one of the benefits picking shit up and putting it down helps to boost your confidence yes you will instantly inflat your ego( so start pumping that ⛽️ now) as you start to look better. But honestly that’s just an added bonus…Lifting helps to reduce body fat…the heavier you lift the more body fat you will lose…helps to prevent injury by strengthening your muscles and joints and believe it or not it helps the brain function better…yes that is true..I’m not It just a Meathead I’m kinda smart too ya know🤣 as you age the brain shrinks and you start to lose your memory bit…so if you start to lift at a younger age (with the proper guidance and correct form) you can possibly decrease your chances of developing Alzheimer’s Disease. Lifting help to boost brain function by developing new brain cells..just saying Do you even lift Bro🤔

Strength training also helps reduce your cholesterol! Yup it’s true both good and bad cholesterol benefit from lifting l🏋️ People who lift tend to have lower cholesterol levels , a better heart rate and a bigger and stronger heart💗💗💗

When I lift I like to work as many muscle groups as I can as my time like most is limited…so I’ll do 3 exercises with weights for upper body and than 3 for lower body than a min of cardio… really seems to get my engine roaring 🚀💪🏻💦🏃🏼‍♀️

Try this out

Grab two heavy weights, weights that you can perform 10-12 reps with proper form. No dumping into your back, no buckling at the knees and being sure there is not pain😱 if it hurts simply don’t do it!

10-12 shoulder presses (hands at shoulder palms face out press hands toward the sky hence shoulder press)

10-12 bicep curls (lower hands than bring palms facing up elbows at your waste lift weights to your biceps..that the bump in between your shoulder and ur elbow crease)

10-12 lateral raises( again lower hands to your thighs palms face down and than lift your arms up to shoulder length .. either at the same time or separately)

These are just three I enjoy doing choose the ones you like

Now keep the weights let’s hit the lower body..

Start with squats( feet about hips distance and than lower that booty as much as you can without compromising the form especially the knees they should never pass your toes

Than Lunges I can stand these mother humpers but they work that booty 🍑 follow the same instructions as above with form expect step one foot forward bend the knee being mindful of the knee joint than push of that same foot and repeat on other side.

Lastly put both those exercises together with a squat to start than alternate the lunge..

20 squats

20 lunges

20 squats with a lunge combo

1 min any cardio you choose ( think high knees, skaters or mountain climbers)

Do all exercises together than rest and repeat 3-5 times for 4 weeks increase weights as you get stronger

Now for the good stuff.. let’s talk about this Body weight movements..not everyone can afford. A gym or trainer so you got make do with whatcha got….and this kinda workout requires no equipment no fancy machines and you truly will leave your ego at the door here!!! this kinda workout takes me back to the sandlot for sure..when kids were kids with no phones computers or Instagram and Facebook…being a kid meant that dirt… play friends and fun..,as a kid I ran, 🏃🏼‍♀️ I jumped 🐸 and I climbed! I was a tomboy and I knew, always pushing my body to do things I never knew possible…Shit for years a bunch of us ran the trails in hoboken using our body weight to hold on to branches to swing across one trail to the next, we dove over cars playing cops and robbers, and had push-up contests in 4th street park, to see who was the strongest👊🏻 and if you lost you knew you were going home to practice and you beg your little brother of sister to hop on your back to add some weight🤣👶🏻

This kinda workout is fun it test your agility, your strength and your conditioning, don’t believe me put you body to the test right now! Get off that laptop and put down that phone, and give me

30 jumping jacks

10 push-ups

30 pops squats

10 push-ups

30 high knees

10 push-ups

Than hold a plank for one min💪🏻💦🏃🏼‍♀️😳🤔

Rest for 1 min See how you feel and repeat that shit 5-8 times 3-5 times a week for a month increasing the reps and sets as you get stronger! Than let me know whatcha think👍 as always please check with your doctor before you start any new workout and rest as needed.. fuel your body before and after your workouts and most importantly have fun!l

Don’t forget to log on daily and sign up for classes all are 45 mins and are a good time forsure!

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