Try and Try..than what

Monday why do you sometimes makes us all alittle wacky…you roll over cause that stupid alarm goes of with the most annoying buzz…or barks or quacks…than youre like ughhhh shower….coffee….pillow….work…kids…is it Friday yet!!! Lol!! Today I woke up with some sure fire pep in my step As I set up a sure fire plan for Success last night that I knew would not fail!!! 👌Roll over at 4am i hit that snooze button 3 yup 3 dam times!!! No way I was getting out of bed to run 4-5 miles in 15 degree weather …than teach 2 classes train my clients and I planned on taking yoga at 1230pm for a lunch time pick me up at powerflow…super excited about my well planned out plan..even meal prepped for the day yesterday so I knew I had no room for failure…than BOOM💥 stood up alittle later than I thought last night and my 4am kick start happened at 5am which left me starting the day feeling defeated…my 4-5 mile run turned into a 2 mile run …ugh!!! My brain was there but my body said nope!! Thinking I already blew it my thought process changed….. I no longer could hit my 5 mile goal today so I thought screw the rest ..instead of doing what I planned I wound up in shoprite and before I knew it it was 1145!!! Knowing I really blew it as I would never find parking hoboken before 1230 for yoga class I was Pissed and now I was cursing my self..f*%%#k^*++scre*++grrrrr but than I pulled my shit together put my big girl panties on and drove my ass to the city garage and parked my truck (it took me 20 mins to find a spot in the lot but I didn’t give up!) ran my ass to power flow and thaannnnnnnn the elevator was broken!!! First thought was F*^k this in out not climbing 5flights!!! With 5 mins left I climbed my bubbly yoga booty 🍑 up them steps and kate was right there and she smiled!!! My mood instantly changed, her not knowing my morning chaos she said come on in..I laid my mat checked in and took a set…she started class with the best talk…not sure of the exact wording but I’ll do the best I can…she read a Quote about working so hard toward success and putting to much pressure on yourself (this 🙋🏻for sure) and than if u mess it up you stop she said instead of trying to succeed just let go and go with what is happening and continue to do that and success is sure to follow…I had an ah ha moment for sure… I thought how the hell did she get in my head….but in actuality it wasn’t her in my head it was me..I put so much pressure on myself to reach my goals in work my fitness…in my times on the pavement and when it doesn’t go my way I bang myself up…can anyone else relate to that? It kinda sucks when you think about and than when you think about how many other times you’ve done that and self sabotaged yourself it kinda sucks balls!!! I left class feeling more empowered than before I walked in now with no plan for the rest of the day I figured let’s see what happens…2 hours of free time and 2 more yokick classes left for me to teach anything is possible I thought … I went about my day and put those two hours to use!!! And right now at this moment I hit my goal without the expectation of success!! Crazy right! And I didn’t hate it..I didn’t hate myself for failing before I started and I still have two classes to teach and I’m ready to kick some serious ass!!! 💃🏻 so what I’m trying to say is let’s wake up tomorrow instead of putting the pressure to succeed let success find you!!! Classes tomorrow are pads and technique 7pm be sure to log on and save your spot..or don’t and just show up!!!  #fitnesss

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