Putting off til tomorrow..

You ever wonder why you put off til tomorrow what can totally be done today…I kinda think we all procrastinate a little bit in our lives some more than others..like everyday I tell myself I’m gonna go through all the unnecessary junk I have piled up in boxes from my marriage…I’ve divorced nine years and that shits still in a storage room..Every time I’m about to run…procrastinate I must when it comes to running my intention is to wake up train my clients than pound the pavement..but something “comes up” and I say screw it now it’s to late..(it’s like 10am) than say I’ll go tomorrow..than tomorrow comes and I’m like nope…knowing I have this half marathon coming up in 10 weeks I should be running like the dam Road Runner..but nope …procrastination again…I have no idea why I keep putting this shit off…it’s definitely not the cold..it’s not that I don’t like to run…wait a minute let me rethink that one! I’ve run the last days in a row…ya it sucked but I did it!!! Lol!!!

Tonight I saw wicked with my daughter on broadway…and the insane thing is I’ve been putting off seeing it for the last 6 years…I would go on line look at tickets than say ohh I’ll buy them tomorrow and tomorrow never came til now!

I think we all kinda do it and I think a lot of do it in fitness as well cause the thought of working out and doing all that work kinda sucks…the thought of being accountable to yourself and your goals is kinda stressful, the thought of being sore or being restricted in what you eat is awful so everyday we say I’ll just start tomorrow…or I’ll start on Monday, maybe even I have time still til the summer….how bout that wedding that’s 6 months away…plenty of time than next thing you know your pants are tighter your muffin tops has become a mushroom too and spring is In the air…that wedding is four weeks away and now what, crash diet….quick instafit …try to hire a trainer that’s over priced and doesn’t understand what you want but you’ll hire them Anyway your desperate and you cause you think it will work…how bout that apple cider trick..ya none of that will work, but what will work is consistency without procrastination! Clean eating and exercise..positive reenforcement and no turning back👊🏻 Find a studio not a gym that offers small group classes so you get the guidance of having a personal training without the hefty price tag…

At Susan Tee Fitness we offer that kinda setting with insanely low rates and super fun workouts so there is no room for procrastination and you will see results and get a real bang for your buck…10 classes 125. That’s 12.50 a class… and for January it’s 125. For unlimited classes for the rest of the month..but don’t procrastinate cause this deal won’t last forever!


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