Why is it so hard to get moving!?!

As much as I love working out and no matter how I love to watch my body transition I have finally come to the realization that as I age I am human and this shit just gets harder and harder! I thought working out and eating clean in my 30s was tough but even though I am in the best place mentally in my 40s my metabolism is like hold on sister!!! Ha! Everything I eat kinda finds its way to my hips and ass, especially bread even a slice…my belly descends and I feel gross…i eat healthy mostly but being human I like to indulge once in a while in my wine🍷 and pizza🍕…and ok maybe a few margaritas too🍹but the after effects including my muffin top are awful my moments of joy have now made me feel and look  bloated…tired and down right gross! What do you do? How did you maintain your girlish figure 💃🏻 while still living a life filled with fun and semi unlimited food restrictions?

I have adapted to living with an 80/20 split when it comes to food but I think I need to do an 85/15 now and see if my thunder thighs start to love me again! My workouts have taken a bit of a dive also as I’m so busy I don’t or can’t seem to make time for me… so now that is gonna change and I’m gonna start plugging myself in again as a client this way I can’t cancel on myself…simple little tweaks will have to be critical this winter…setting limits on my food incorporating the right portions and knowing when enough is enough…and working smarter in the gym not harder is the route I’m gonna go!!!

See you on the mat this Monday classes start at 545am and last class is at 815pm come hang out with me and let’s do this together!!!


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