Today I’m keeping it real..

So as I’m sitting thinking about what’s important in my life like going out ..friends…working out…the half marathon I’m running and the Spartan Race coming up in April… one of this things that constantly pops into my head is consistency… and I recently came to the realization of how hard it is to stay consistent… in each of all of these things…at firsts I thought it was only in fitness but as I thought more I realized it’s in other areas of my life as well… my eating habits has taken a bit of a nose dive not really bad but every time I seem to create a consistent pattern in these areas I get side tracked and derail myself…

So the for the next 3 weeks I am gonna pay a lot more attention to being consistent and the only thing that seems to have worked for me In the past was by logging everything down..

I have created the 21 in 31 day challenge at the studio to help my clients create consistency in there work outs I added my name to the challenge as well and so far I’ve gotten two works in and we are on day 5…soooo moving forward I am gonna hold myself accountable to being very consistent. First by logging all my food and second by logging all of my workouts!!! If you want in on the January challenge place feel free to sign up while this is still time left…I have lowered the rate since we are five days in so click link and sign up for an unlimited amount of classes for 125.00 and let’s help eachother stay consistent together !

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