Strong not Skinny

The power of strong, so often my mind wanders back to that time when i was 230lbs and all could remember was I wanted to be skinny, and i knew I had to do something to make that change in my life to be skinny, my eating habits were terrible. I ate all the time and I ate everything, chips, cookies, cake, chocolate, pizza, hamburgers and so much more. I ate out of boredom and emotion, I just ate! I started working out I did lost of cardio and like most I was afraid of weights, so I did all the cardio I could and lost 60lbs in 6 months but I still didn’t feel skinny in fact I was still a size 14 and was flabby, I wanted to cry cause I had know idea why after all that working out and even though I lost weight I still felt terrible. I started to read and I read everything and realized I need to lift weights that would be the only way to see the change I was looking for and wanted. After a few months I noticed the scale didn’t move much more but I my pants size did drop a lot! almost 6 sizes, and at that moment I knew I needed work on strong not skinny!  I also changed my eating habits, focused of proteins more than carbs and fats, I made it a point to still allow for my cheat foods but not as much. 80% clean and 20% dirty, than that moved to 90% clean and 10%dirty, I also incorporated cardio again than that scale really started to move, I eventually reached my goal size and my weight dropped to 150, but I was a size 4! and i was strong! and skinny! I was sooooo happy I learned a very valuable lesson. and that was skinny was so important but being strong was and not just physically strong but the harder I worked I became mentally and emotional stronger as well!

Everything is some how connected one way or another, I learned skinny is just an empty word cause I was skinny but still felt over weight….I learned weights are my friends and not my enemies, fearing the bulk was just so silly, cause I never got huge I just got strong and fit. I challenged myself more each time i worked out, I tried different things and learned so many fun ways to get into shape, I loved them all  loved them all so much  that today I teach people the importance of being strong and not skinny! Stop by today and lets talk strong!

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