Avoid the 5lb holiday weight gain this season!

With the holiday season quickly approaching and shopping and holiday party’s in full swing, sometimes the last thing on our mind is our personal health.
So today let me give you a few key options on how to be more mindful, and how to adjust to you needs not only with working out but with food choices as well.
Try to get at least 20 mins of cardio in daily, along with/but not limited to your normal gym activity (classes, yoga, weights, hiit)(morning preferably) whether is running, speed walking or marching in place, get moving,this will help you to start the day of with a positive mindset knowing you starting the day off on a good note so lets try to keep it going.
Try to drink a gallon of water a day,first cup as soon as you wake up, wake up your metabolism as well, this will help keep you full and prevent you from mistaken thirst from hunger and over eating.
If today is your holiday party stick to your normal meal plan for breakfast and lunch, kinda silly to ruin the enter day based on a party geared toward one meal.
Allow yourself to enjoy the meal, stick to foods you don’t get to eat on a daily basis, make wise choices, like choose your moms special holiday dish and leave the mashed potatoes alone, choose rare less common desserts and leave the cookies for Santa. Color your plate and don’t eat with your eyes. Research has shown that when people are faced with food based on colors, textures, and tastes and scents your eyes and mind will trick you into thinking you need that but in actuality you really want it so don’t allow self sabotage. Eat your vegetables first, proteins second and carbs last, and don’t waste the cheats on higher empty calorie foods and sugary drinks.
Know you won’t gain 10 pounds from one meal or a few holiday parties as long as you stay accountable and consistent with your normal meal plan and workouts.
And remember this is a lifestyle no one is always 100% all of the time we are all human and like to indulge, 80% clean and 20% dirty my idea of staying fit but still allowing myself to live, and just remember to not over indulge, and try to stick to your normal routine as much as possible, consistency is key.
If you found this information helpful and resourceful please feel free to share this and my workouts with your friends and family,
It is the Holiday season so give the gift that gives back…..The Gift Of Good Health, Knowledge is key!
Happy Holidays
Susan Tee

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