Is your WORKOUT hitting the pause button? Does it feel like you are working out and it feels like a chore? Does it lack fun, curiosity or excitement? Throughout my years of working out I’ve learned the importance of dedication and pushing through the tough times, but sometimes the tough time can become monotonous, boring and just blah. sometimes my workouts just need a jump-start, and buying pair of new sneakers or getting funky new leggings just won’t make the cut….sooo heres a few things I do to help work my way through the moments I just want to quit.

Explore different workouts
If you’re like me, and you love pushing the limits and love a new things, try a class  you’ve never taken before…something you know you won’t be good at so you cannot only challenge you body but also challenge your mind as well,  push  yourself through movements you’re not familiar with and finding a different kinda of sweat makes a difference lets see how you feel after an hour of cardio twerking or how bout that local barr  class…omg I would die in either of these, such unfamiliar territory … You’ll either love or hate but don’t not try …give it a fighting chance and give it 100% and see how you feel after an hour.


Work on form

Maybe pick a different exercise every week and just work on the form of the movement…reform extra reps, maybe hold that squat for 2 mins straight making sure knees don’t pass toes, making sure shoulders are pulled back, maybe repeat the squat sinking deeper into it each time bringing the awareness of the form front and center. find some grounding in repeating the movements but pay attention to your body as you’re performing each movement…are you centered, are your feet lined up, are your shoulders squared off…how is your breathing, as you perform as rep is it done with dedication and commitment?  Whether it’s running, kickboxing, yoga, kettle bells or spin are you giving the exact attention it needs.

Whats your mind set
A great way to invite a better workout is to reset the mind and you can do that in so many different ways …one is by taking a break, yes I said take a break…sometimes we want results so bad you push yourself to the limits and those limits burn us out…so why not try just working out your mind….through meditation finding stillness is a great form of resetting the body, clear thoughts equal a clear mind which in turn hits the reset button.So find a quiet place to sit and close your eyes and clear your head, start out for just a few minutes cause if you’re not use to sitting still his can be difficult.

Hows your playlist

Music is such a huge part of my workout! I personally can’t workout unless the music is pumping at volume 10 and hardcore, but lets face it even the best music gets boring and hearing it repeatedly well you just kinda tune it out, so why not try out different tunes. Maybe go old school, maybe a little more hip hop, how about rock, maybe some techno, I know I know no ones listens to techno anymore but hey you never know!


What do you tell yourself

What are your words of encouragement to yourself? What words do you repeatedly tell yourself while you’re working out to get you through those final reps that are just the worst? Do you envision yourself wearing is it in that dress you saw hanging in the store window, a wedding dress or maybe them skinny jeans, do you see yourself in that suit you wore way back when? or how about beating your time in that last race. Mindset is key repeating words of encouragement to your set is so important, especially if you’re working out alone, be your own motivational speaker…so find some words that fit you and repeat them not only when working out but when you’re not as well. I like to tell myself that “I am tougher than MY last rep!” or “Im a Bad Ass more one and I’m done”and ” My success comes from that burning sensation I hate!” and these seem to help me.

These are just a few thoughts to unstuck your workout routine..even though everyones workout plan is so different, we all tend to get “STUCK” at some point or another so just take a step back and breathe reconnect or disconnect and see what happens.

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