Hey y’all Im just sitting here in the studio thinking and as I so often sit and think I wonder….Do my thoughts create my actions…. I have tried very hard to be more positive so I can live up to my true potential. Like most I to get side tracked as well…negative people…negative comments…negative thoughts…these things have led to set backs and self doubt… If you are sitting thinking …hmmmmm I tend to do the same thing..continue to read on…if not close the page and find something else to pass the time with…lol…now I found myself often wondering why I may sometimes find my self still stuck in the same cycle of life that Ive been in for years…same job…same dead end relationships…same …same….same…..not finding true abundance in all that I seek…one day I woke up and just felt like I had failed….failed at my marriage…failed my kids and failed at work….I thought for years I was doing the right thing…. I was ok and the world was all wrong…everything seemed to work so well until they didn’t and just like that it all fell apart and I was lost… I felt this same way for many years, and just kept trying to fix what I could with everyone else thinking I was not the problem…what I soon learned after countless years of trying was…was I in fact was the problem…I discovered that my Ego was the culprit and by trying to fix everything but me things would be great…until they were not …One day I just wrote it all down…from soup to nuts….all the pros and all the cons…and noticed all of the wonderful things that happened when I changed my thoughts…than I noticed all the things that happened when I followed the same old thought process and wow! what a jerk i was…once I stopped trying to rewire my brain and just be. I discovered who and what I was suppose to be…I learned what my purpose was and I discovered what I was meant to do….Learning that I didn’t need any hocus-pocus or a healing doctor to fix me, learning I couldn’t control the actions or thoughts of others that I was soley responsible for my own thoughts and actions changed my life and my ego….I learned I just needed to step out of my own way so I can discover my truest self, whoever that was… I in fact learned I was not broken but in fact I was this strong, brave , fearless women who was capable of almost anything if I just let that e …go in ego my life would be so much better and easier….There was nothing wrong with me at all and  all along there has been something extraordinary about me that has been waiting for me to step out of my own way and step up grab the bull by the horns and just charge forward with my life – finding my true self has been an amazing journey over the last 8 years….now you’re probably sitting there thinking who cares…or why is she telling us this…well take a step back and think about the last argument you had whether it was work…your spouse…your children…and think was it that Important to get that point across and allow all that chaos to invade your space….or was it just your ego that kept telling you you had to be right and you would not just give in but continued to push the envelope long after the fact…how did you feel…happy …sad ….victorious….alone…angry..joyous…only you can answer those questions…but ask yourself this one question was it worth it?

Try to step back and move beyond your ego let the E…Go and let go of fear and self doubt and see what happens….try to change your thought process one situation at a time and see how you feel…try to create a more peaceful life …a life you want …a life filled with love…laughter….happiness…abundance…..purpose…. and lots of fulfillment, just by dropping one E and think to just GO….have an amazing day y’all!

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