Exercises that burn the most calories

Swimming is a total body workout…it requires movement of all limbs not just your legs. You can burn between 650-700 calories in just one hour! Wow direct me to the pool or nearest beach pls!

Jumping Rope! So I always start my classes with 5 mins on the ropes…Ive been doing it for 20 yrs!  you can burn up to 750 calories with just one hour of rope jumping so 5 (but I do prefer 10-20mins since most people arrive early)is an amazing way to kickstart that body and warm everything up!

Running! Where do I even begin…you all know I’m training for the NYC half this March I am an asthmatic and I hate it, but needless to say this is a calorie scorcher! So you either Love it or Hate it! no equipment is need all you have to do is walk out the door and you can burn 550 calories in just one hour! BOOM!

HIIT(high intensity interval training) now this one is hard core cause it includes short quick rounds and routines that are done at a fast pace you use different exercises and have no rest. great part about this one is you only need do about 20 mins and you’ll burn up to 300 calories without any cardio! now theres a bonus all by itself!

Kickboxing! oh how I love the!!! one of my favorites! I get to hit shit…relieve stress…have fun…and feel amazing when its over! this is a total body workout and if you take one of my classes at CKO Grand St you definatly burn anywhere from 750…to 1000 calories …i just your warm up! lol

Spin…hmmm this one is tough, cause like running I’m still on the gate about it! but if taken the right class wight he right instructor you can burn up to 500 calories in 45 mins now thats a ride worth taken for sure!

So ill top this off with a final two things…although Yoga is not a top calorie burner it is one of my favorites to go to…because its also a total body work out but its a bonus cause its a workout…nothing does the bod good like a clear mind!

Lastly try to get in any type of cardio class! whether is local Barr..SassyCaps Zumba Classes…a rowing class at Go Row…maybe even try that body pump class  or that Rachet tweaking class in the city these classes burn up to 750 easily in jus one hour!

Remember y’all this is your body…your temple and your workout …try everything find what works and than mix it up!






One thought on “Exercises that burn the most calories

  1. You are an amazing teacher all around. Hands down you have overall knowledge of it all beyond anyone else in the field. You are inspiring to all around and your enthusiasm is unmatched. You know how to keep people motivated and help them reach their goals. You truly care about your clients and are always available with a kind word. You rock!

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