If you haven’t already its time for you to step up to the plate and celebrate you…yourself as a person…your own uniqueness, when we are unhappy with ourselves its usually cause we are to busy comparing ourselves to others. One of the biggest culprits behind this is social media…the standards are set so high on who or what we should be…who or what we should look like….what we should eat, how we should dress, and how many likes we get on photos.  these standards are way to high if not dam near impossible to live up to.

When you’re surfing the net…or reading magazines and feel like you’re getting down, step away and find a mirror look in and remind yourself all you have to be grateful for…besides your outer shell…look straight in that mirror and say out loud i am BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE….than list all the reasons why and smile…

Know that what you see on social outlets isn’t always what it seems, there are so many tricks to the trade between filters, edits, photo adjusting…not to mention the other tools of the trade….tummy tucks, liposuction, breast implants, makeup and designer clothes just to name a few…true beauty starts within and than works it way outward…knowing your beautiful and believing it…no matter what thats true beauty.

Lets imagine for one minute we have all the money in the world…we find the top surgeon, the best trainer, the perfect stylist and most amazing makeup artist….they chop you up and sew you back together the exact way you think the perfect body image should be…sure you may be happy for the moment, but if you’re inner beauty doesn’t supersede the other beauty than it is useless cause you will still be unhappy!

So today step away from your laptop, your iPhone, Facebook twitter and instagram, step away from the likes of strangers, the approval of friends and look in the mirror and tell yourself YOU ARE ENOUGH! CAUSE IM HERE TO TELL YOU TODAY YOU ARE ENOUGH…LOVE YOUR SELF AND THE WORLD WILL FOLLOW!

Have an Amazing day y’all!

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