Why are bad things so tempting?


I’ll tell you why, its so easy to take that one bite and say to yourself its only one bite it won’t hurt me, but the truth is it’s never just one it’s always 2-3-4 than next thing you know its the entire bag or pie or carton.  Don’t feel guilty you are not alone we all at some point give into temptations whether with food, work, emotions or anything we do that is acted upon on an impulse. 
The next time temptation comes knocking on your door don’t open it! Just ignore that knock knock Knock by distracting yourself, drink an extra glass of water, go for a walk, call a friend, hey even do some BURPEES 10 should do the trick and by the third knock you will have worked that temptation right out of your system!
Don’t keep foods in your house or at your desk that can cause you to slip up. Nine times out of ten if its not in front of you you won’t eat it…So lets just avoid the whole situation by not even purchasing these tasty treats, instead reach for a bag of apples, a bunch of bananas, some hummus or peanut butter and celery, these things may not be as tasty or tempting or that cookie or pie so you won’t eat the entire bag, but they will be tens times better for your overall health!


One thought on “Why are bad things so tempting?

  1. That is so true and this is some great motivation. I love the part that says you’re not alone cause I definitely feel like I’m the only one in this world having to fight off the temptations everyday lol Thank you for this!!!


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