Don’t Let The Holidays Side track Your Fitness Goals!

With the holidays quickly approaching it is so easy to get side tracked and lose sight of what our goals are, a little pick here, a little nibble there, can set you up for a 4000 plus calorie day for at least 3 days…See we all love the family gathering, the desserts and of course there is also the leftovers…OH HOW I LOVE THE LEFT OVERS!!! Turkey Soup…Turkey Salad…Turkey Sandwiches! And so many more…so lets take a minute to try to avoid the pitfalls of Holiday eating while still enjoying all the great food that will be served for us.

First lets make sure we stay hydrated alot of times we mistake thirst for hunger and over eat when in actuality we are thirsty…so drink at least a gallon of water a day and there will be no room for over eating.

Secondly never pick at food while you are cooking, this will lead to over eating all day long and when it comes time to actually have dinner you will probably be on your third full course at this point, so try your best to stick to your normal eating habits…hydrate as soon as you wake up, breakfast within 30 mins and snacks and meals every 2-3 hrs.

Thirdly when it is time to sit down and have dinner grab a smaller dish, this way even if you go for a second serving of anything in actuality you will just be completing the second half of the first one you served yourself therefore mentally you will think you are on a second serving, but you will only be on your right?

Fourth make sure you serve yourself lots of vegetables along with whatever else is placed on the table to eat, eat them first this way you fill up on them and can’t overload on the bad stuff. When its time for dessert choose dishes you normally wouldn’t be able to have or find locally, this will easy some of the guilt of eating these great treats!

Lastly try to stick to an 80-20 eating plan and you will do just fine! 80 percent good and 20 percent bad…I mean it is the Holiday we work so hard all year long so we should be able to enjoy cheat meals even if its for a few days! 


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