Good Morning well its cold and raining outside…makes me wanna just stay curled up in bed under my covers and not move…but ya thats sooo not happening…so lets wipe the crust out of our eyes grab the good old h20 get our engines purring …you guys know the breakfast routine…egg whites oatmeal..berries always best but today i want to start it off with a thought.. a question…

Whats your MOTIVATION? is it fitting into your skinny jeans…looking good in a bikini..high school reunion…or rockin out in a cool tank top(shoulder press’s work wonders for that…what ever it is find it and feed off of it…every morning when you wake up say “I ONE DAY CLOSER TO MY GOAL THEN I WAS YESTERDAY!’ but dont just say it BELIEVE IT..know that inside of you there is drive and desire all you have to to is want it NOW GO GET IT..and on the outside those our external desires…your outer shell is what you see and the world sees wel have this desire to please the world..well im here to tell you to for get the world…do what makes you feel good cause at the end of the day its YOUA AGAINST YOU…

so get up…stretch ..hydrate ..cause your work out of the day is coming soon!

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