Strong not Skinny

The power of strong, so often my mind wanders back to that time when i was 230lbs and all could remember was I wanted to be skinny, and i knew I had to do something to make that change in my life to be skinny, my eating habits were terrible. I ate all the time and I ate everything, chips, cookies, cake, chocolate, pizza, hamburgers and so much more. I ate out of boredom and emotion, I just ate! I started working out I did lost of cardio and like most I was afraid of weights, so I did all the cardio I could and lost 60lbs in 6 months but I still didn’t feel skinny in fact I was still a size 14 and was flabby, I wanted to cry cause I had know idea why after all that working out and even though I lost weight I still felt terrible. I started to read and I read everything and realized I need to lift weights that would be the only way to see the change I was looking for and wanted. After a few months I noticed the scale didn’t move much more but I my pants size did drop a lot! almost 6 sizes, and at that moment I knew I needed work on strong not skinny!  I also changed my eating habits, focused of proteins more than carbs and fats, I made it a point to still allow for my cheat foods but not as much. 80% clean and 20% dirty, than that moved to 90% clean and 10%dirty, I also incorporated cardio again than that scale really started to move, I eventually reached my goal size and my weight dropped to 150, but I was a size 4! and i was strong! and skinny! I was sooooo happy I learned a very valuable lesson. and that was skinny was so important but being strong was and not just physically strong but the harder I worked I became mentally and emotional stronger as well!

Everything is some how connected one way or another, I learned skinny is just an empty word cause I was skinny but still felt over weight….I learned weights are my friends and not my enemies, fearing the bulk was just so silly, cause I never got huge I just got strong and fit. I challenged myself more each time i worked out, I tried different things and learned so many fun ways to get into shape, I loved them all  loved them all so much  that today I teach people the importance of being strong and not skinny! Stop by today and lets talk strong!


Avoid the 5lb holiday weight gain this season!

With the holiday season quickly approaching and shopping and holiday party’s in full swing, sometimes the last thing on our mind is our personal health.
So today let me give you a few key options on how to be more mindful, and how to adjust to you needs not only with working out but with food choices as well.
Try to get at least 20 mins of cardio in daily, along with/but not limited to your normal gym activity (classes, yoga, weights, hiit)(morning preferably) whether is running, speed walking or marching in place, get moving,this will help you to start the day of with a positive mindset knowing you starting the day off on a good note so lets try to keep it going.
Try to drink a gallon of water a day,first cup as soon as you wake up, wake up your metabolism as well, this will help keep you full and prevent you from mistaken thirst from hunger and over eating.
If today is your holiday party stick to your normal meal plan for breakfast and lunch, kinda silly to ruin the enter day based on a party geared toward one meal.
Allow yourself to enjoy the meal, stick to foods you don’t get to eat on a daily basis, make wise choices, like choose your moms special holiday dish and leave the mashed potatoes alone, choose rare less common desserts and leave the cookies for Santa. Color your plate and don’t eat with your eyes. Research has shown that when people are faced with food based on colors, textures, and tastes and scents your eyes and mind will trick you into thinking you need that but in actuality you really want it so don’t allow self sabotage. Eat your vegetables first, proteins second and carbs last, and don’t waste the cheats on higher empty calorie foods and sugary drinks.
Know you won’t gain 10 pounds from one meal or a few holiday parties as long as you stay accountable and consistent with your normal meal plan and workouts.
And remember this is a lifestyle no one is always 100% all of the time we are all human and like to indulge, 80% clean and 20% dirty my idea of staying fit but still allowing myself to live, and just remember to not over indulge, and try to stick to your normal routine as much as possible, consistency is key.
If you found this information helpful and resourceful please feel free to share this and my workouts with your friends and family,
It is the Holiday season so give the gift that gives back…..The Gift Of Good Health, Knowledge is key!
Happy Holidays
Susan Tee


Is your WORKOUT hitting the pause button? Does it feel like you are working out and it feels like a chore? Does it lack fun, curiosity or excitement? Throughout my years of working out I’ve learned the importance of dedication and pushing through the tough times, but sometimes the tough time can become monotonous, boring and just blah. sometimes my workouts just need a jump-start, and buying pair of new sneakers or getting funky new leggings just won’t make the cut….sooo heres a few things I do to help work my way through the moments I just want to quit.

Explore different workouts
If you’re like me, and you love pushing the limits and love a new things, try a class  you’ve never taken before…something you know you won’t be good at so you cannot only challenge you body but also challenge your mind as well,  push  yourself through movements you’re not familiar with and finding a different kinda of sweat makes a difference lets see how you feel after an hour of cardio twerking or how bout that local barr  class…omg I would die in either of these, such unfamiliar territory … You’ll either love or hate but don’t not try …give it a fighting chance and give it 100% and see how you feel after an hour.


Work on form

Maybe pick a different exercise every week and just work on the form of the movement…reform extra reps, maybe hold that squat for 2 mins straight making sure knees don’t pass toes, making sure shoulders are pulled back, maybe repeat the squat sinking deeper into it each time bringing the awareness of the form front and center. find some grounding in repeating the movements but pay attention to your body as you’re performing each movement…are you centered, are your feet lined up, are your shoulders squared off…how is your breathing, as you perform as rep is it done with dedication and commitment?  Whether it’s running, kickboxing, yoga, kettle bells or spin are you giving the exact attention it needs.

Whats your mind set
A great way to invite a better workout is to reset the mind and you can do that in so many different ways …one is by taking a break, yes I said take a break…sometimes we want results so bad you push yourself to the limits and those limits burn us out…so why not try just working out your mind….through meditation finding stillness is a great form of resetting the body, clear thoughts equal a clear mind which in turn hits the reset button.So find a quiet place to sit and close your eyes and clear your head, start out for just a few minutes cause if you’re not use to sitting still his can be difficult.

Hows your playlist

Music is such a huge part of my workout! I personally can’t workout unless the music is pumping at volume 10 and hardcore, but lets face it even the best music gets boring and hearing it repeatedly well you just kinda tune it out, so why not try out different tunes. Maybe go old school, maybe a little more hip hop, how about rock, maybe some techno, I know I know no ones listens to techno anymore but hey you never know!


What do you tell yourself

What are your words of encouragement to yourself? What words do you repeatedly tell yourself while you’re working out to get you through those final reps that are just the worst? Do you envision yourself wearing is it in that dress you saw hanging in the store window, a wedding dress or maybe them skinny jeans, do you see yourself in that suit you wore way back when? or how about beating your time in that last race. Mindset is key repeating words of encouragement to your set is so important, especially if you’re working out alone, be your own motivational speaker…so find some words that fit you and repeat them not only when working out but when you’re not as well. I like to tell myself that “I am tougher than MY last rep!” or “Im a Bad Ass more one and I’m done”and ” My success comes from that burning sensation I hate!” and these seem to help me.

These are just a few thoughts to unstuck your workout routine..even though everyones workout plan is so different, we all tend to get “STUCK” at some point or another so just take a step back and breathe reconnect or disconnect and see what happens.


Hey y’all Im just sitting here in the studio thinking and as I so often sit and think I wonder….Do my thoughts create my actions…. I have tried very hard to be more positive so I can live up to my true potential. Like most I to get side tracked as well…negative people…negative comments…negative thoughts…these things have led to set backs and self doubt… If you are sitting thinking …hmmmmm I tend to do the same thing..continue to read on…if not close the page and find something else to pass the time with…lol…now I found myself often wondering why I may sometimes find my self still stuck in the same cycle of life that Ive been in for years…same job…same dead end relationships…same …same….same…..not finding true abundance in all that I seek…one day I woke up and just felt like I had failed….failed at my marriage…failed my kids and failed at work….I thought for years I was doing the right thing…. I was ok and the world was all wrong…everything seemed to work so well until they didn’t and just like that it all fell apart and I was lost… I felt this same way for many years, and just kept trying to fix what I could with everyone else thinking I was not the problem…what I soon learned after countless years of trying was…was I in fact was the problem…I discovered that my Ego was the culprit and by trying to fix everything but me things would be great…until they were not …One day I just wrote it all down…from soup to nuts….all the pros and all the cons…and noticed all of the wonderful things that happened when I changed my thoughts…than I noticed all the things that happened when I followed the same old thought process and wow! what a jerk i was…once I stopped trying to rewire my brain and just be. I discovered who and what I was suppose to be…I learned what my purpose was and I discovered what I was meant to do….Learning that I didn’t need any hocus-pocus or a healing doctor to fix me, learning I couldn’t control the actions or thoughts of others that I was soley responsible for my own thoughts and actions changed my life and my ego….I learned I just needed to step out of my own way so I can discover my truest self, whoever that was… I in fact learned I was not broken but in fact I was this strong, brave , fearless women who was capable of almost anything if I just let that e …go in ego my life would be so much better and easier….There was nothing wrong with me at all and  all along there has been something extraordinary about me that has been waiting for me to step out of my own way and step up grab the bull by the horns and just charge forward with my life – finding my true self has been an amazing journey over the last 8 years….now you’re probably sitting there thinking who cares…or why is she telling us this…well take a step back and think about the last argument you had whether it was work…your spouse…your children…and think was it that Important to get that point across and allow all that chaos to invade your space….or was it just your ego that kept telling you you had to be right and you would not just give in but continued to push the envelope long after the fact…how did you feel…happy …sad ….victorious….alone…angry..joyous…only you can answer those questions…but ask yourself this one question was it worth it?

Try to step back and move beyond your ego let the E…Go and let go of fear and self doubt and see what happens….try to change your thought process one situation at a time and see how you feel…try to create a more peaceful life …a life you want …a life filled with love…laughter….happiness…abundance…..purpose…. and lots of fulfillment, just by dropping one E and think to just GO….have an amazing day y’all!

Exercises that burn the most calories

Swimming is a total body workout…it requires movement of all limbs not just your legs. You can burn between 650-700 calories in just one hour! Wow direct me to the pool or nearest beach pls!

Jumping Rope! So I always start my classes with 5 mins on the ropes…Ive been doing it for 20 yrs!  you can burn up to 750 calories with just one hour of rope jumping so 5 (but I do prefer 10-20mins since most people arrive early)is an amazing way to kickstart that body and warm everything up!

Running! Where do I even begin…you all know I’m training for the NYC half this March I am an asthmatic and I hate it, but needless to say this is a calorie scorcher! So you either Love it or Hate it! no equipment is need all you have to do is walk out the door and you can burn 550 calories in just one hour! BOOM!

HIIT(high intensity interval training) now this one is hard core cause it includes short quick rounds and routines that are done at a fast pace you use different exercises and have no rest. great part about this one is you only need do about 20 mins and you’ll burn up to 300 calories without any cardio! now theres a bonus all by itself!

Kickboxing! oh how I love the!!! one of my favorites! I get to hit shit…relieve stress…have fun…and feel amazing when its over! this is a total body workout and if you take one of my classes at CKO Grand St you definatly burn anywhere from 750…to 1000 calories …i just your warm up! lol

Spin…hmmm this one is tough, cause like running I’m still on the gate about it! but if taken the right class wight he right instructor you can burn up to 500 calories in 45 mins now thats a ride worth taken for sure!

So ill top this off with a final two things…although Yoga is not a top calorie burner it is one of my favorites to go to…because its also a total body work out but its a bonus cause its a workout…nothing does the bod good like a clear mind!

Lastly try to get in any type of cardio class! whether is local Barr..SassyCaps Zumba Classes…a rowing class at Go Row…maybe even try that body pump class  or that Rachet tweaking class in the city these classes burn up to 750 easily in jus one hour!

Remember y’all this is your body…your temple and your workout …try everything find what works and than mix it up!







If you haven’t already its time for you to step up to the plate and celebrate you…yourself as a person…your own uniqueness, when we are unhappy with ourselves its usually cause we are to busy comparing ourselves to others. One of the biggest culprits behind this is social media…the standards are set so high on who or what we should be…who or what we should look like….what we should eat, how we should dress, and how many likes we get on photos.  these standards are way to high if not dam near impossible to live up to.

When you’re surfing the net…or reading magazines and feel like you’re getting down, step away and find a mirror look in and remind yourself all you have to be grateful for…besides your outer shell…look straight in that mirror and say out loud i am BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE….than list all the reasons why and smile…

Know that what you see on social outlets isn’t always what it seems, there are so many tricks to the trade between filters, edits, photo adjusting…not to mention the other tools of the trade….tummy tucks, liposuction, breast implants, makeup and designer clothes just to name a few…true beauty starts within and than works it way outward…knowing your beautiful and believing it…no matter what thats true beauty.

Lets imagine for one minute we have all the money in the world…we find the top surgeon, the best trainer, the perfect stylist and most amazing makeup artist….they chop you up and sew you back together the exact way you think the perfect body image should be…sure you may be happy for the moment, but if you’re inner beauty doesn’t supersede the other beauty than it is useless cause you will still be unhappy!

So today step away from your laptop, your iPhone, Facebook twitter and instagram, step away from the likes of strangers, the approval of friends and look in the mirror and tell yourself YOU ARE ENOUGH! CAUSE IM HERE TO TELL YOU TODAY YOU ARE ENOUGH…LOVE YOUR SELF AND THE WORLD WILL FOLLOW!

Have an Amazing day y’all!

Load Your Guns…

Use 10lbs Dumb Bells












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