With change there is only success…



Good Morning and happy Monday!!! Ugh Monday…ya it’s Monday one of the toughest days of the week cause all I’m thinking about is Friday!!! 😉 Seriously though how do you feel when you know the weekends over? do you ever think on Sunday night… ohhhh yippee tomorrows Monday😍 I’m sooo looking forward to the grind🤔….nah they’re thinking Dam I gotta get up early tomorrow…back to the bullshit…ya I’ve thought it a time or too, and was like why can’t I just stay home…After hating Monday’s so much one day I decide to make Monday my b*tch…and those thoughts became a thing of the past! Once I started to change my mindset I created a plan….my plan was to fully enjoy my Fridays and Saturdays and when Sunday rolled around about 5pm I started to mentally prepare myself for my work week…plugged myself in as a client so I could to get my work outs in…knowing the thought of the grind leaves us all mentally exhausted but instead of letting it bum me out I use it in my favor…and here’s how I did it…

I Started by meal prepping, Sundays are a great Day for cooking and prepackaging my meals for work, 5 breakfasts 5 lunches and about 20-30 snack packs…and dinners can be prepared when I get home… I sure to always include a protein, a carb and a good fat…in every meal 40-40-20 split…

Next I planned my workouts


I Plugged in at least 6hours ….that’s not Alot if you think about, but mentally my mind was like whoa she’s crazy… I checked my local studio…#susanteefitness schedule and see what times work best for me, i knew I couldn’t skip a Monday…never skip the first day of the week…and know if none of the times work plug in a 20 mins speed walk…try to average at least 10-12000 steps a day….for that day do what you can…and than look at the next day… and made it a point to plug myself in and then plug myself in for the rest of the week!

Success only comes if you work for it…so start by creating a plan..make a change…change comes with hard work…and with hard work success will follow ..And it all starts with a Monday Http://Susanteesignup.as.me/


The day after a 3 day weekend…


don’t know about you guys but I hear 3 day weekend I am get all tingly inside😜 I’m like where am I going, what am I doing, what can I see next and most importantly what’s the lay of land as I love a new beautiful view for both my running and of course to stop drop and yoga! 🏃🏼‍♀️🕉 3 days off doesn’t mean you lose all your senses and forget your reason…well maybe it does😂 but it means you can scale back abit and enjoy your off time , but at the same continue to find your fit in less restricted moments..

This weekend I took advantage of the time off And I slowed down abit . I enjoyed some cheat meals and went for shorter runs but this time I incorporated some vinyasa flow poses into my time so I can kill two birds with one stone! I knew I didn’t want to spend two separate hours training so I just ran for an hour and stopped every mile(about 8-9mins) and did a flow…what ever I wanted and by the time I was at mile 5 it was an hour and I was done and with over 700 calories burned to boot!!!#thatequalswinninginmybook I felt so great after and I didn’t feel so guilty about my cheat meals. I also like to look for new studios to take a class out and check out someone else’s perspective on fitness, it’s so cool when you’re trying something new👍 i enjoy getting smacked Around abit in a new place where no one knows me✊🏻

I preach a lot about being my version of fit and my version of Normal, I try my best to balance my fitness life and my food life. I never want it to feel like a chore and I never want my clients to feel like it’s a chore that’s why I teach my Mashup classes with a 50/50 split, two different exercises merged to make one fun class, time goes quick and the job at hand is done! and I say food should be enjoyable not like you’re eating saw dust! 😳 that’s not fun and id only be setting myself and clients up for failure and no one wants that 😌 so the next time you think about that 3 or 4 day weekend think about these few things..

1. What would my view be like for my running (if you’re a runner)? Or even walking!

2. Is the view something I can enjoy and find a quiet spot for myself or us to just be…or even my yoga(if you practice)?

3. Is there an inside gym in case the weather doesn’t allow for over activities?

And be mindful of your food remember when you return you have to get back to normal activities not just work…

So choose foods with an 80/20 split and enjoy the food you normally do have back home. And remember work out less if you want but don’t skip not even a day, you’ll thank yourself I promise! 😉

Stop by today and try a Mashup class I promise you won’t regret it!! Signup here👇🏻 or on the main page under class signups!


The power of Meditation

So some food for thought…So recently my grandson was having a tough time connecting in school as we thought it would of been a good fit..sadly we were wrong and until we could transfer him and help him find his fit one of the things that helped me keep Derrick grounded through all of the extra at his last school was the power of Yoga and meditation, Derrick is fortunate enough that his grandma is a Certified Yoga Teacher…(not to mention the love I have for him is unreal!❤️❤️❤️) everyday we meditated and I reminded him to Let go of what served him no purpose the day before and start each day with a grateful and humble heart❤️ I know in the after care programs In town ( hoboken) they have yoga as I have him signed up, but what about during school when things seem a bit hectic should a teacher be able to lead the kids through a moment of stillness and connecting the mind and body…to bring the class back to solid ground…

I know it’s a touchy subject, but as the world is evolving so are our youth, I believe We need to connect with our children on a different level to help them stay grounded, what so you think?

Body Weight vs Lifting Weights…I like both💪🏻

img_2574Nothing is better than feeling good after a workout!💪🏻 I always feel stronger and I swear I look skinnier😳 Nothing makes me happier than switching my workouts between lifting metal and using my own body as my machine and here’s why…

So how do I start this without sounding like a meathead who slings metal daily because I want to not cause I have to…so first off one of the benefits picking shit up and putting it down helps to boost your confidence yes you will instantly inflat your ego( so start pumping that ⛽️ now) as you start to look better. But honestly that’s just an added bonus…Lifting helps to reduce body fat…the heavier you lift the more body fat you will lose…helps to prevent injury by strengthening your muscles and joints and believe it or not it helps the brain function better…yes that is true..I’m not It just a Meathead I’m kinda smart too ya know🤣 as you age the brain shrinks and you start to lose your memory bit…so if you start to lift at a younger age (with the proper guidance and correct form) you can possibly decrease your chances of developing Alzheimer’s Disease. Lifting help to boost brain function by developing new brain cells..just saying Do you even lift Bro🤔

Strength training also helps reduce your cholesterol! Yup it’s true both good and bad cholesterol benefit from lifting l🏋️ People who lift tend to have lower cholesterol levels , a better heart rate and a bigger and stronger heart💗💗💗

When I lift I like to work as many muscle groups as I can as my time like most is limited…so I’ll do 3 exercises with weights for upper body and than 3 for lower body than a min of cardio… really seems to get my engine roaring 🚀💪🏻💦🏃🏼‍♀️

Try this out

Grab two heavy weights, weights that you can perform 10-12 reps with proper form. No dumping into your back, no buckling at the knees and being sure there is not pain😱 if it hurts simply don’t do it!

10-12 shoulder presses (hands at shoulder palms face out press hands toward the sky hence shoulder press)

10-12 bicep curls (lower hands than bring palms facing up elbows at your waste lift weights to your biceps..that the bump in between your shoulder and ur elbow crease)

10-12 lateral raises( again lower hands to your thighs palms face down and than lift your arms up to shoulder length .. either at the same time or separately)

These are just three I enjoy doing choose the ones you like

Now keep the weights let’s hit the lower body..

Start with squats( feet about hips distance and than lower that booty as much as you can without compromising the form especially the knees they should never pass your toes

Than Lunges I can stand these mother humpers but they work that booty 🍑 follow the same instructions as above with form expect step one foot forward bend the knee being mindful of the knee joint than push of that same foot and repeat on other side.

Lastly put both those exercises together with a squat to start than alternate the lunge..

20 squats

20 lunges

20 squats with a lunge combo

1 min any cardio you choose ( think high knees, skaters or mountain climbers)

Do all exercises together than rest and repeat 3-5 times for 4 weeks increase weights as you get stronger

Now for the good stuff.. let’s talk about this Body weight movements..not everyone can afford. A gym or trainer so you got make do with whatcha got….and this kinda workout requires no equipment no fancy machines and you truly will leave your ego at the door here!!! this kinda workout takes me back to the sandlot for sure..when kids were kids with no phones computers or Instagram and Facebook…being a kid meant that dirt… play friends and fun..,as a kid I ran, 🏃🏼‍♀️ I jumped 🐸 and I climbed! I was a tomboy and I knew, always pushing my body to do things I never knew possible…Shit for years a bunch of us ran the trails in hoboken using our body weight to hold on to branches to swing across one trail to the next, we dove over cars playing cops and robbers, and had push-up contests in 4th street park, to see who was the strongest👊🏻 and if you lost you knew you were going home to practice and you beg your little brother of sister to hop on your back to add some weight🤣👶🏻

This kinda workout is fun it test your agility, your strength and your conditioning, don’t believe me put you body to the test right now! Get off that laptop and put down that phone, and give me

30 jumping jacks

10 push-ups

30 pops squats

10 push-ups

30 high knees

10 push-ups

Than hold a plank for one min💪🏻💦🏃🏼‍♀️😳🤔

Rest for 1 min See how you feel and repeat that shit 5-8 times 3-5 times a week for a month increasing the reps and sets as you get stronger! Than let me know whatcha think👍 as always please check with your doctor before you start any new workout and rest as needed.. fuel your body before and after your workouts and most importantly have fun!l

Don’t forget to log on daily and sign up for classes all are 45 mins and are a good time forsure!


Try and Try..than what

Monday why do you sometimes makes us all alittle wacky…you roll over cause that stupid alarm goes of with the most annoying buzz…or barks or quacks…than youre like ughhhh shower….coffee….pillow….work…kids…is it Friday yet!!! Lol!! Today I woke up with some sure fire pep in my step As I set up a sure fire plan for Success last night that I knew would not fail!!! 👌Roll over at 4am i hit that snooze button 3 yup 3 dam times!!! No way I was getting out of bed to run 4-5 miles in 15 degree weather …than teach 2 classes train my clients and I planned on taking yoga at 1230pm for a lunch time pick me up at powerflow…super excited about my well planned out plan..even meal prepped for the day yesterday so I knew I had no room for failure…than BOOM💥 stood up alittle later than I thought last night and my 4am kick start happened at 5am which left me starting the day feeling defeated…my 4-5 mile run turned into a 2 mile run …ugh!!! My brain was there but my body said nope!! Thinking I already blew it my thought process changed….. I no longer could hit my 5 mile goal today so I thought screw the rest ..instead of doing what I planned I wound up in shoprite and before I knew it it was 1145!!! Knowing I really blew it as I would never find parking hoboken before 1230 for yoga class I was Pissed and now I was cursing my self..f*%%#k^*++scre*++grrrrr but than I pulled my shit together put my big girl panties on and drove my ass to the city garage and parked my truck (it took me 20 mins to find a spot in the lot but I didn’t give up!) ran my ass to power flow and thaannnnnnnn the elevator was broken!!! First thought was F*^k this in out not climbing 5flights!!! With 5 mins left I climbed my bubbly yoga booty 🍑 up them steps and kate was right there and she smiled!!! My mood instantly changed, her not knowing my morning chaos she said come on in..I laid my mat checked in and took a set…she started class with the best talk…not sure of the exact wording but I’ll do the best I can…she read a Quote about working so hard toward success and putting to much pressure on yourself (this 🙋🏻for sure) and than if u mess it up you stop trying..so she said instead of trying to succeed just let go and go with what is happening and continue to do that and success is sure to follow…I had an ah ha moment for sure… I thought how the hell did she get in my head….but in actuality it wasn’t her in my head it was me..I put so much pressure on myself to reach my goals in work ..in my fitness…in my times on the pavement and when it doesn’t go my way I bang myself up…can anyone else relate to that? It kinda sucks when you think about and than when you think about how many other times you’ve done that and self sabotaged yourself it kinda sucks balls!!! I left class feeling more empowered than before I walked in now with no plan for the rest of the day I figured let’s see what happens…2 hours of free time and 2 more yokick classes left for me to teach anything is possible I thought … I went about my day and put those two hours to use!!! And right now at this moment I hit my goal without the expectation of success!! Crazy right! And I didn’t hate it..I didn’t hate myself for failing before I started and I still have two classes to teach and I’m ready to kick some serious ass!!! 💃🏻 so what I’m trying to say is let’s wake up tomorrow instead of putting the pressure to succeed let success find you!!! Classes tomorrow are pads and technique 7pm be sure to log on and save your spot..or don’t and just show up!!!  #fitnesss


Putting off til tomorrow..

You ever wonder why you put off til tomorrow what can totally be done today…I kinda think we all procrastinate a little bit in our lives some more than others..like everyday I tell myself I’m gonna go through all the unnecessary junk I have piled up in boxes from my marriage…I’ve divorced nine years and that shits still in a storage room..Every time I’m about to run…procrastinate I must when it comes to running my intention is to wake up train my clients than pound the pavement..but something “comes up” and I say screw it now it’s to late..(it’s like 10am) than say I’ll go tomorrow..than tomorrow comes and I’m like nope…knowing I have this half marathon coming up in 10 weeks I should be running like the dam Road Runner..but nope …procrastination again…I have no idea why I keep putting this shit off…it’s definitely not the cold..it’s not that I don’t like to run…wait a minute let me rethink that one! I’ve run the last days in a row…ya it sucked but I did it!!! Lol!!!

Tonight I saw wicked with my daughter on broadway…and the insane thing is I’ve been putting off seeing it for the last 6 years…I would go on line look at tickets than say ohh I’ll buy them tomorrow and tomorrow never came til now!

I think we all kinda do it and I think a lot of do it in fitness as well cause the thought of working out and doing all that work kinda sucks…the thought of being accountable to yourself and your goals is kinda stressful, the thought of being sore or being restricted in what you eat is awful so everyday we say I’ll just start tomorrow…or I’ll start on Monday, maybe even I have time still til the summer….how bout that wedding that’s 6 months away…plenty of time than next thing you know your pants are tighter your muffin tops has become a mushroom too and spring is In the air…that wedding is four weeks away and now what, crash diet….quick instafit …try to hire a trainer that’s over priced and doesn’t understand what you want but you’ll hire them Anyway your desperate and you cause you think it will work…how bout that apple cider trick..ya none of that will work, but what will work is consistency without procrastination! Clean eating and exercise..positive reenforcement and no turning back👊🏻 Find a studio not a gym that offers small group classes so you get the guidance of having a personal training without the hefty price tag…

At Susan Tee Fitness we offer that kinda setting with insanely low rates and super fun workouts so there is no room for procrastination and you will see results and get a real bang for your buck…10 classes 125. That’s 12.50 a class… and for January it’s 125. For unlimited classes for the rest of the month..but don’t procrastinate cause this deal won’t last forever!


Why is it so hard to get moving!?!

As much as I love working out and no matter how I love to watch my body transition I have finally come to the realization that as I age I am human and this shit just gets harder and harder! I thought working out and eating clean in my 30s was tough but even though I am in the best place mentally in my 40s my metabolism is like hold on sister!!! Ha! Everything I eat kinda finds its way to my hips and ass, especially bread even a slice…my belly descends and I feel gross…i eat healthy mostly but being human I like to indulge once in a while in my wine🍷 and pizza🍕…and ok maybe a few margaritas too🍹but the after effects including my muffin top are awful my moments of joy have now made me feel and look  bloated…tired and down right gross! What do you do? How did you maintain your girlish figure 💃🏻 while still living a life filled with fun and semi unlimited food restrictions?

I have adapted to living with an 80/20 split when it comes to food but I think I need to do an 85/15 now and see if my thunder thighs start to love me again! My workouts have taken a bit of a dive also as I’m so busy I don’t or can’t seem to make time for me… so now that is gonna change and I’m gonna start plugging myself in again as a client this way I can’t cancel on myself…simple little tweaks will have to be critical this winter…setting limits on my food incorporating the right portions and knowing when enough is enough…and working smarter in the gym not harder is the route I’m gonna go!!!

See you on the mat this Monday classes start at 545am and last class is at 815pm come hang out with me and let’s do this together!!!