Well there’s a scary word😱 the thought of giving yourself to something or someone 100 is enough to send anyone running for the hills! ⛰🏃🏼‍♀️

Hmmmm let’s take a look at its meaning.. Commitment- the state or quality of being dedicated to something, or someone, a cause and engagement…an obligation that can restrict freedom of actions!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Well holy fuck that’s enough to scare me..but is it?🤷‍♀️ in life we tend to want not need so many things…like husbands/wives..fancy houses/cars…to be slim/skinny… I think you get the drift of it..but how many are willing to make the sacrifice or the commitment to what’s actually involved with what they truly want..🤔 today I will touch base on the Commitment to a healthier you… a fitter life…

Did you know only 20 % of Americans meet the federal criteria for getting enough physical and muscle strengthening activity on a weekly basis, according to statistics! 20 % that’s insanity!!!!

So often I get texts and emails…phone calls and messages about wanting to be in better cleaner and just be all around healthy and happy… all are for different reasons as everyone has there own journey and what they want from it…so I’m always happy to set up a meet and greet and the first question I always ask is What does Commitment mean? And How bad do you want it? And everyone is always so gunho and says more than you know and I’m so ready 😊 so I continue to ask a series of questions some easier to answer than others…but usually I always getting the same responses….so we set up a plan and all I ask for is two things…stay committed 80 percent to start…and give yourself 20 % of freedom…and don’t get Rome wasn’t built in a day….

Somehow along the way life kinda just fucks us all up and gets in the way….whether it’s kids…work…husbands ..wives…new boy/girl friends or the constant girls night out… or the boys are in town….how bout the dog threw up…my sneakers are wet…’s raining or simply I just don’t feel like it….ya I’ve heard it all…and the truth is none of this actually effects me….as I will wake up everyday doing and being what And where I need to be…but what it does do is puts a hole in the commitment you made to YOU! Yup not to me but to you…when you decided to change your life in that moment you entered into a contract with not only yourself but me as well and it’s one that you have full control over…hmmm think about that for a min🤔 a commitment …an obligation….lose of freedom for a brief period of time😮😮😮 hmmmmm… life gets in the way right…now without passing judgment on yourself think about what you did this past weekend….did you go out? Did you stay in….did you have an extra Margarita and was it worth it…how bout the what did you eat ….did you have Fries instead of a side salad with that burger….now hold on a second before you get your panties ruffled🤣….I make the same commitments and I break them too…(We are only human you know) only to beat myself up about it and place blame on everything else …all the distractions of life….instead of thinking about the choices I could of made and didn’t…I lacked commitment in that moment as well…SMH…but today I’m here to help you get redirected and recommit to you..and I’m gonna give you some tips on what to do to stay focused and committed… even if it’s just in the moment

Lets start off by Finding Your Fit…ask yourself what do you like to do? What kinda of workouts do I enjoy…Yoga🙏🏻 ? Kickboxing🥊? Lifting 🏋🏻‍♀️ maybe you’re a runner🏃🏼‍♀️..perhaps cycling is your thing🚵🏻🚴🏻‍♀️! What ever your fit is find it and than create a plan…mix the exercises up something different everyday…than make a commitment to a specific time and stay consistent..sounds easy enough right….well it aint…but you have to make the choice…the commitment if you want to reap the benefits!

Get a piece of paper and write it all down…all the activities you enjoy…whether in a gym or not…shop around for new ideas and new places to work out….also..try things you never thought of ….you never know you might like it but don’t get discouraged if you dont….the first time around usually sucks as all your thinking is WTF was I thinking ….but try it again before you cross it off the list …next try to create a plan…a simple one maybe start out with 3-4 days a week maybe and 30 mins at a time…remember it’s a commitment and you have to crawl before you can walk…get use to the idea of this new commitment…keep an open mind, never feel pressured…as you won’t like everything… but you will love other things …know some days will be harder…but keep it fun.. know that no matter what the activity is remember everything gets boring and than you quit…. so try to keep the love alive and mix it up daily…

Before you know it 3-4 weeks have gone by and now you’ve created a habit…yes a commitment ..whoaaaaa …holy shit you did it!!! 😮😘👏🏻👍…now that we’ve laid a foundation let’s get started with a mini goal…and a reward system ..yes more commitment 🤦🏻‍♀️ and let’s stick to it ..maybe a 5k…maybe to drop one pants size….how bout a new pair of skinny jeans..the knew bikini…or maybe just to stay consistent ….now embrace the goal so you can enjoy the reward…

Good Luck know you’ve got this and It’s now how you start…It’s how you Finish…that’s what truly matters

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Spring Cleaning

Oh the joys of spring!!! CleAning out closets, draws, and mindsets…I thought oh shit am I ready for shorts tank tops and bikinis …with 16 days til spring and 83 til Memorial Day weekend, my perspective starts to shift yet again🤔 I start thinking about opening my windows switching out winter clothes for spring clothes and with that comes the thought of less clothing and the questions ….Did I do enough? 😳 enough exercising, enough of less eating the bad (but of so yummy) stuff, and did I do enough of clearing my mindset to be in a better place.

Honestly the answer is no…this past winter has been brutal on me, both mentally and physically, everyday life hit me with something else and each blow was worse than the last, it seemed all was lost cause every time I took two steps forward I got dragged back 5, for a moment ….a brief one I lost my shit😩🥊💔 and began to panic, and cry daily…not knowing what direction to go In or which way to turn, with no help insight and my only option was failure I freaked and shut down… than the universe last week we gave us a day that was 70 degrees in jersey aNd I knew it was a sign I thought what a great day for a run…but I haven’t run a long outdoor run in awhile I was gonna fail … deep inside I knew I had to go…so I turned to what I knew was best to help me as I began to fail…I choose fitness, I knew my fitness had taken a back seat to so many things going on around me, and I knew Fitness saved my life so many times so with the thought of beautiful weather I said …you know what fuck this…. it’s time for some spring cleaning mentally and physically!!!💪🏻💡👊🏻

In that moment I suddenly got tired of being a victim and looking out the window through a blurred lens..I was stepping out of fear and failure …being afraid to rock the boat at work and at home…I was tired!!!! That day  I wound up running til I almost puked …the 9 mile run I took that day, changed my thought process from thinking I am a failure to thinking I must fail to succeed..instead of crying about what the universe is doing to me I thanked the universe for what it is teaching me…teaching me that true trials and tribulations bring the strongest successes and achievements, exercise is therapy and my companion in life and I abandoned it for the winter for one reason or another not realizing how important it is in my life😤🤔❤️

Knowing I haven’t ran the way I normally do, I haven’t lifted the way I normally do and my clothes don’t fit the way they use to and most importantly I neglected my self love process, Cause everything came crumbling down at once😩 that day when I decided to stop having a pity party for me I put my sneakers on and threw out all my excuses, and my blame and all my defeats…in the gym and out, I just was running in that moment …and when I hit mile 9 at 1:34 I knew I would be ok as all was not lost and I still had hope, and faith on the course and off…cause I still had belief in myself..and as the hits kept and keep coming at me today(the worst was this morning) I know I can do this, I know that if these situation don’t help me grow they will help me to die in the sense!!! 🤔🤔 and today I choose to live, lifting my limitations and showing myself I got me…today try doing some spring cleaning and believing…

And letting go of people, Places and things that serve no purpose, listening to my favorite songs that motivate me on volume 10000 is what I need to do… and while I reshape my failures into success, reach than surpass my goals way….. I know people will think I’m crazy or I lost my mind, or something is wrong with me…but I’m tired…tired of worrying about how others perceive or receive me…. tired of covering up my scars and wounds for the sake of another… tired of not rocking the boat while so many are shaking the shit out of it!!!😤 Today I start my spring cleaning both mentally and physically, and as I wear my short shorts stare away… and as I sprint down the course of life stare away and judge if you must…cause as I continue to transform my outer shell and my muscles grow and my booty pops 🍑 and you begin to judge my outer shell know the bigger transformation is happening internally🙏🏻 as I am tired of defeat and will feast on success💪🏻 today I invite you to lift all limiting beliefs with me and Spring into Action with me!!! Today I am cleaning out my closet!!!! See you on the mat🙏🏻

Knowledge is Key

Save the date! This is a free event Please join me for a community self awareness meeting…Community Awareness is key and there is safety in numbers. Please join me for a community meeting to discuss safety tips when walking alone, going on runs, are out at the bar, or just sitting in your car.

Learn a few self defense tactics that can change an outcome in just one or two simple moves.

Gain phone numbers to local offices for direct access instead of losing valuable moments dialing other numbers.

Everyone should have there location Police Station phone number programmed in there phones.

Lite refreshments will be served so please try to rsvp as space is limited, but we will make plenty of room I promise.

Tell your friends, bring your family, it takes a village!

All are welcome

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Depression and Fitness

I’m no therapist or psychiatrist, but what I can tell you is imma realest and depression is real! Real thoughts real emotions real meltdowns😔 in a world where everything is rushed… people are judged.. single parent households..two parent work loads…throw in a husbands, wives, kids, bills, money issues, divorce …family issues…work shit… homework, day care… how about lack of attention, not enough time in a day or just plain old life if fucking tough today’ 🙃 it’s enough to make anyone go alittle fucking batty 🦇 daily living is tough enough as we dedicate so much of our selves to others mentally emotionally physically and financially… I myself can tell you there are days where I want to throw that dam towel in curl up in a ball and scream my lungs out! Cry so much that I hope when I stop I’ve cried magic tears and all my problems are gone😳🤔🤷‍♀️ but reality is what it is and this isn’t possible, so over the years I’ve personally made a strong connection between my fitness life and my personal life❤️💪🏻 with every struggle every melt down and every tear I shed I made it a point once upon a time to see that therapist and it didn’t work…so no I make it my own choice to not seek a therapist who gives zero fucks about me and is quick to write a script of xans, Zoloft, or some other bullshit addictive pill that would destroy me later in life, but instead took my in the moment crazy ass for a run…a yoga class, a kickboxing class, or swang some dam metal🏃🏼‍♀️🙏🏻🏋🏻 and during and after for me anyway it seemed my problems weren’t so bad and were manageable… feeling amazing after my blood sweating kick ass workouts was exactly what I needed…I knew if I just conquered a 9 mile run, spent an hour in yoga just letting go of things that served no purpose and kicked the shit out of a heavy bag my feel good endorphins will kick in and be released and in that moment I was and would be ok🤔😊 not saying this will work for everyone but I’m saying it worked for me…there have been proven links between depression and fitness and how beneficial fitness is to your mental health🤔 I mean for a min think about your current situation and think about what’s not working, than decide to make a change, set a small goal than think about when you workout and how you feel after…think about how you felt before…some goals are … I’m gonna get skinny and look cute… or I need to fit into that dress or maybe summer is coming and I’m gonna rock that two piece! these are great reasons to start but think about how you felt before you started to workout…were you happy? Sad? Did you have anxiety? Were you stressed out? Or maybe you were just Indifferent? What ever you felt hit the pause button….Now think about how you started to feel when you started to reach those goals..:and how your views start to change and you start to FeeL better, look better. Sound better and approach things differently I bet actually you probably felt amazing and started making more time to get to the gym or go for the run and when you skip you get all in your feelings …all those feelings come rushing back…and there’s the connection! I mean I’m no rocket scientist…shit I barely made it through school…but I do know I’m a trainer who’s a realest, with problems and concerns like everyone else and the minute I hit the gym my mindset starts to change I realize I can conquer anything I set my mind to, I realize I am amazing, strong, capable and worthy, I also realize shit is gonna go wrong it’s suppose to but I need to prioritize it and take care of me so I can put on my big girl panties and cowgirl 🐎the fuck up and handle shit…if you don’t believe me the next time you feel alittle out of sorts take that run…that walk..that spin class..the yoga class what ever your fit is find it and that re-evaluate the connection between depression and fitness and see how you’re feeling!! Have a great day y’all and don’t forget here at Susan Tee Fitness we’re not just another gym..we a small personal studio…geared toward working in a small group setting cause here is home and everything is personal 💪🏻❤️🙏🏻

Late Nights….to snack or not to snack..

Do you ever find yourself at the end of a long ass day either sitting on the couch or laying in bed thinking🤔….thinking 🤔and thinking 🤔some more and than you feel and hear the grumbles of a empty belly and then ponder the thoughts…..Hmmmm what can I nosh on? I wonder where the cookies went? or am I suppose to eat after 7? or how bout…One little snack won’t hurt! lol to be honest I thought all of these and plenty more! During my transition from 230 lbs  and 34% body fat down to my lowest 135 and 14% body fat I clearly remember in the beginning thinking “I busted my ass at the gym today, so a few cookies after dinner won’t kill all my hard work!” I also remember how guilty I felt after cause it was never just one or two Oreos it was like 5-6-7 and sometimes 8! I also remember convincing myself it was ok to eat a bowl of fruit at 10pm cause it was fruit and fruit is healthy…lol again!!!

So I think the truth in my opinion is snacking at night is ok as long as you choose wisely, fruit is ok but is it? although its A healthy sugar its still sugar, eating a little may be ok but consuming an entire bowl of blueberries, raspberries an apple and banana is not ok, it equals TO a shit load of carbs and a ton of sugar….omg can you imagine working out and busting your ass at the gym and coming home and sabotaging yourself without even realizing you are! so I think Maybe ill eat some peanut butter my relationship with this yummy gooey and delicious snack is a love hate kinda of affair… or maybe some “fat free ice-cream” lol again while peanut butter is a good fat consuming to much after the 2 tablespoon minimum is grounds for disaster! and btw there is nothing free of fat in that fat free ice cream either! check that label its loaded with tons of carbs and sugar and all kinds of the other crap thats in it!

I try to explain to my clients that I too struggle some nights with what do I eat after dinner cause im usually still hungry or I crave that sweet something to tide me over…why not try boiling some eggs thats a protein snack guaranteed to satisfy the hungriest of hungry people as they are packed with protein… and if youre craving the sweet why not invest in plain greek yogurt and add a scoop of protein power than blend to create a healthy chocolate or vanilla pudding, combined that is at least 45 grams of protein that will help rebuild those growing muscles while you sleep! When you go to sleep at night the body goes to work on rebuilding and repairing the body, consuming the right amounts of protein, carbs and fats daily is essential in growing muscles especially while you sleep! You should consume 1 gram of protein to one pound of weight in the body, for more muscle consume more for less muscle decrease, but you are in control of all that you consume.

Late night snacking makes a huge difference in meeting your fitness goals, I like many try my hardest not to reach for any of the bad stuff so I try my best to keep it out of the house, but its difficult when you have growing children around who constantly say, Why do I have to suffer cause you’re in training? or Why is there only saw dust snacks in the house? and of course my favorite, “OMG! THERES NEVER ANY “GOOD FOOD” IN THIS HOUSE!!” LOL  as if….

So if youre trying to reach some kinda goals, or just trying to loss a few extra pounds, be mindful of snacking times and foods you consume, nothing  bad after 7 that includes healthy bowls of fruit… as you won’t have time to burn it off and instead your body will only be burning off the bad food you just ate n stead of building and repairing the muscles that you worked so hard to create a few hours before…

Building a Foundation

January rolls around gyms get packed…healthy posts go up…grocery store shelves wind up empty and everyone’s a heath nut or a trainer….simply cause everyone is on a health kick…so I decide to do a fitness challenge at my studio in hoboken for the low rate of 135.00 for unlimited classes for the month of January… 21 classes in 31 days …with my own kinda intentions for my clients…when you see these kinda things at gyms or work you start to wonder Why? What’s the purpose? Why should I do this..I don’t have times…what do I want to achieve…or maybe it’s the Ima get skinny!!!😊. Summer is coming…or new year new me.. now take a min and think about how you feel When you are faced with a challenge 🤔 you kinda wonder why? Or what for? Or maybe this will be easy…or maybe you get stressed out and quit before you even start…we do things for so many different reasons and the purpose of these challenges are for reasons that only we know……the thought of 21 classes or intense classes is a lot to ask of someone and making the time killing yourself to show up can be insane😜or maybe the thought to lose a shit load of weight is your motivation…but know the reasons to show up and follow through are yours and yours alone there should be no option to not go…. my intentions are to simply remind yourself you’re worth one hour a are that important and worth making time for yourself..and you are worth the end results…whether it’s creating a solid foundation for fitness or a mindful foundation in creating space for yourself, in life we get so caught up in life issues like work… and friends that we forget to put ourselves first and we are the low man on the totem pole 😪 we forget our worth and how important we are..exercising helps to release feel good endorphins …think about how you feel at the thought of going to a class…than think about how you feel during..I know the answer and it’s usually “oh my god I don’t wanna go!😳” or “omg this sucks!😞 how bout “why am I here?😤” or “I don’t have time!” ✋🏻now take a min to think about how you feel after class.🤔….it’s usually …”oh that was hard but I feel great!” Or “I loved it❤️!” How bout “why didn’t I do this before! What ever the thought process is, remember you have to start in order to begin! Remember you are worth one hour a day ..5 hours a week…and in case you’re  still contemplating the 5 hours let me break it down alittle bit differently…there are 7 days in a week ..24 hours in each day…30-31 days In a month which equates to 720-744 hours in a month….out of all them hours know you are worth 100 of them..simply for you…and pay close attention to how you feel and look before …during…and after…how do your clothes fit…how do you feel on the inside..and know that you have laid a sold foundation that should continue long after the challenge is over that is key..continuing when everyone else not in the challenge stopped going in February… know you have created a new you who not only looks good but feels good as well!!!👍 Now think are you worth 60 mins a day?

Congratulations to everyone who signed up for my January challenge not only in completing it but congrats on taking the steps necessary in building a better future and knowing your worth 60 mins a day! See you on the mat to continue building a solid and stable foundation👏🏻

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